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Han Li only gave Corpse Xiong and Lin Yinping a glance before turning his focus back at the altar, betraying blatant nervousness from his face.

Intending to destroy the altar’s seal, Yuan Cha’s soul fragment had detonated the Black Wind Flag, enveloping the altar in a giant jet-black void. Although he couldn't see through it, he could sense that a majority of the stone pillars comprising of the spell formation were destroyed.

Han Li stared attentively at the sparkling black light, seeing it rapidly collapse and suddenly disappear, causing his eyes to widen.

Nearly half the altar was now missing, the upper half vanished as if it were cleaved off.

There was now a person floating near the ruins of the altar.

It was Xiang Zhili, covered in a barrier of purple light that was on the verge of collapse.

He was laden with sweat and his face was bloodless as if he had gone through an intense battle.

Two items were floating next to him: the foot-wide Star Defying Plate that was spinning in the air with a golden paste-like barrier surrounding it, and a broken pitch-black stick. Han Li soon recognized it to be a small piece of the Black Wind Flag.

Most of the Divine Spirit Treasure had been annihilated in the eruption. What remained of it sparkled with black light as if its spiritual nature was still intact.

Han Li looked around and saw no sign of Ling Long or the black wolf. As he puzzled over this, the Star Defying Plate spun and released a mist of golden light from its core.

Ling Long emerged from the mist and coldly glared at the remains of the Black Wind Flag, which mirrored the Star Defying Plate and released a cloud of black Qi, quickly condensing into a meter-tall two-headed wolf. The wolf’s fur was dull and eyes listless.

Xiang Zhili’s expression sank at the sight of the two and he took several deep breaths. His pale complexion turned radiant and he wordlessly raised his hand, pointing two fingers towards the wolf.

Two gusts of wind followed, and one gold and one red swordstreak were released, expanding into two celestial dragons overlapping each other as they charged at the wolf.

Xiang Zhili was quick to act. Although he was in the dark as to what had happened, hewascertain that the wolf filled with devilish Qi was the devil that had been suppressed in the pagoda. He knew he had to take advantage of this moment of weakness to subdue it.

The wolf scowled at the attack and its two heads spat beams of black light to block the swordlight, but it was clear that the counter wouldn’t prove a match. It had exhausted too much of its devilish Qi detonating the Black Wind Flag.

Surprisingly, the wolf wasn’t afraid. Instead, it gave a sinister glance down at the altar below and suddenly let out a shriek that could shatter even metal.

In the distance, Han Li couldn’t hide his disbelief at what unfolded.

The remains of the altar completely collapsed, leaving nothing behind.

Meanwhile, a pit

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