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After such a long wave of furious attacks, Master Sable finally calmed down. After such a long time trapped inside of the devilish Qi, he already knew that Lady Mu’s Nascent Soul was gone.

With Daoist Sevenwonders’ call to attention, Master Sable’s expression turned stern and he flicked his sleeve, summoning an earth-colored block above him.

The brick was made of an otherworldly smooth jade that faintly shined with layers of silver and golden talisman characters. It possessed a huge spiritual Qi that was strangely stable.

“The Mountain Crushing Seal!” A woman’s voice shouted out in astonishment.

Han Li followed the source of the voice and found Lin Yinping looking at the tool in astonishment.

The block was a Divine Spirit Treasure replica that appeared at the underground auction he participated in some time ago.

Although he had left early, he later heard that the treasure was bought at an astronomical sum. He didn’t expect that it had fallen into the hands of the High Zenith Sect. The sect’s wealth was a testament to its position as the greatest sect of the Righteous Dao.

When the Mountain Crushing Seal lit up, Daoist Sevenwonders cackled and soon raised his hand, flicking at the Scarlet Cry Drum that floated in the air.

Then, a muffled thump pounded from the drum.

The small instrument lit up in crimson light and a wheel of red haze began to form around the drum.

Sevenwonders flicked his finger once more when he saw this and the drum let out another thump, having the light flare with increasing brilliance.

A low and methodical drumming fell and the wheel gradually rose into the air like the morning sun, producing an ever rising and fearsome pressure as time went on.

As for the Mountain Crushing Seal, Master Sable had already uttered an incantation and struck the block with spell seals, expanding it into a sixty-meter-tall mountain. Folded layers of spell formations and talisman characters etched on the surface of the jade block. At the same time, the dazzling yellow mist surrounding it seemed to cause worldly Qi to circle it, a testament to its power.

As soon as the treasures appeared, they instantly attracted the attention of the others present. When Long Meng sensed the astonishing pressure the treasures emitted, she raised her brow and glanced at them with an odd expression, then expressionlessly closed her eyes.

The huge wolf’s face blanked for a moment and turned solemn.

A cold glint flashed through the huge wolf’s eyes and she snorted, “You think you can defeat me with just tworeplicas? You’re dreaming.” Black light focused from its mouth, producing a black sphere of light. It slowly flew out and began to faintly pulse in size.

Soon after, beams of black light rhythmically sank into the sphere and disappeared without a trace.

The orb expanded with exceptional speed and grew to the size of building in the blink of an eye, floating until it was directly above the wolf’s hea

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