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The silver-haired woman, Ling Long, pointed to the plate in front of her, halting its movements for the time being. She calmly replied, “You think I would answer you?”

“Since you’re from the demon clans, you shouldn’t have much of a relationship with the human sovereigns. When the demon monarchs made a united invasion into our holy realm, they killed countless of my kin. Since you have a relationship to them I will pay no further respect to your esteemed grandfather.” A murderous expression appeared on Yuan Cha’s face. She clapped her hands together, summoning a vortex of spiritual pressure that blurred her giant figure from view.

An instant later, crystalline streaks erupted from her fingers and shredded the space around her.

The vortex scattered and released a rush of black mist, leaving a giant crystalline figure with intimidating purple flames for eyes.

“Let’s see if a Star Defying Plate can withstand my awakened attack.” The giant spoke with an imposing voice and raised her hand, glorious light radiating from the center of her palm.

When Ling Long saw this, she wore a gentle smile capable of thawing a frozen winter to a blossoming spring — a stark contrast in the face of the frigid devil.

“You think you still have enough time to play around?”

“What do you mean?” The crystalline giant blinked in surprise.

At that moment, the light flickering from the dozen stone pillars surrounding the altar suddenly fell completely dull. With the giant formation surrounding them deactivated, the continuous stream of devil Qi sustaining Yuan Cha halted.

The crystalline figure expressed furious alarm in the face of this development. Because she had used her spiritual sense to materialize her body, she had completely consumed her limited supply of perfect devil Qi. This would be anything but good for her.

She immediately let out a shriek and light flared from her raised palm, condensing a foot-thick beam of energy towards Ling Long.

The attack released, consuming the rest of her perfect devil Qi. Yuan Cha roared with indignation as her crystalline body began to fragment and slowly crumble. With nothing to tether her, she vanished from the world.

The half-channeled crystalline beam arrived before Ling Long in the next moment.

She was already prepared for the attack and had struck the plate in front of her with a silver spell seal.

The plate suddenly surged in size and wildly flickered with starlight in preparation to absorb the attack, but it was clear to see that the crystalline beam was exceptionally potent, even if it was only half complete. The Star Defying Plate groaned, trembled and was even pushed back in the assault.

From Ling Long’s expression, it was clear that this was greatly against her expectations. Her hand flashed with silver light as she quickly floated forward and tapped the edge of the plate.

But in an inconceivable display, the plate surged with starlight and the crystalline be

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