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“Those people are your companions?” Han Li examined the medallion in his hand and put it away in an azure flash.

After taking a glance at the others behind him, Gu Tianqi asked with a trace of worry, “These Fellow Daoists are my recent acquaintances. We’ve decided to travel together because we’re aiming to enter the North Night Palace together. Is there something odd?”

Han Li focused his gaze on a young beautiful woman amongst them and coldly smiled, “There is certainly someone amongst you that is amiss.”

“What?” Gu Tianqi asked in surprise.

Han Li smirked and calmly said, “There is a demon mixed among you. Wouldn’t you say that’s a bit odd?”

“A demon?” Gu Tianqi’s expression vastly changed and he quickly turned to look at the female cultivator.

The other cultivators were shocked and unconsciously stepped away from the woman.

She widely opened her eyes and her heart jumped. She hastily explained, “Senior must be joking. I am a disciple of the Shuang Region’s Ning Clan. How could I be a demon?”

When the youth from before saw the female cultivator’s shocked appearance, he hastily spoke out as the others wore hesitant expressions, “That’s right, Senior. Are you mistaken? Fellow Daoist Ning is a true member of the Ning Clan. I’ve seen her several times already.”

Han Li snorted in dismissal, “A trifling soul fragment dares to feign ignorance in front of me? Reveal yourself!” Soon after, Han Li reached out towards her and light flickered from the top of her head. A large azure hand materialized and grabbed her.

As soon as the hand appeared, the shocked woman’s figure trembled and her surprise was instantly changed to resentment. Then, her figure blurred and shot sixty meters high into the air.

Let alone a Qi Condensation cultivator, this speed couldn't have belonged to even a Core Formation cultivator!

Han Li smirked and waved his sleeve, releasing a yellow streak that disappeared in the next instant. In the following moment, it appeared above the woman’s head to reveal a foot-tall monk staff.

Han Li cast a spell seal at the treasure and it blurred, massively increasing in size until it took the form of a ten-meter-tall tiger phantom, fiercely pouncing upon her.

The young woman had no time to act. She spouted out black demonic Qi to block the attack.

A huge explosion sounded out and yellow light flickered. The black Qi was dispersed by the strike, offering not the slightest resistance and the staff fell on top of the woman’s head.

The woman shrieked and her body immediately tumbled through the air. Meanwhile, a black silhouette flew out from the woman’s body and circled in the air before darting to the ground.

Then, thunder sounded out and a net of golden lightning appeared above the black figure’s head. Before she could react, the net fell on top of her.

Suddenly, repeated eruptions sounded out and the black demon was no more.

These near-instant actions left the Qi Condensat

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