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Having experienced what it’s like to experienced what it’s like to be devoured by a spatial tear, Han Li was greatly fearful of them, but still managed to collect himself. With the power of the Spirit Subjugation Talisman, his magic power was forced to the peak of mid-Nascent Soul stage, and his Tailstar Essence Shield became blindingly bright as he poured in his newfound power.

He apprehensively thought, ‘Against a tear this large, so long as I don’t skirt past its edge, I should come out of this relatively safe.’

As the spatial tear enveloped him, he felt darkness embrace him and he suddenly grew dizzy. Then, light shined around him and he found himself in a new space.

Fortunately, Han Li had experience with this and instantly cleared his mind, hastily looking around him in a state of caution.

“The ninth floor!” he gasped.

He was clearly in an isolated space of mostly empty area a couple kilometers long. It was surrounded by a ravenous yellow mist that repeatedly lit and dimmed. It was unknown how broad it stretched.

Underneath him stood a huge altar that was hundreds of meters tall, but was rather narrow and had steps down on every side. It was made from an ethereal jade of impeccable majesty.

Surrounding the altar was a circle of huge stone pillars that formed a giant spell formation. They blazed with radiance as if showing the formation was active. At the very top of the altar, lay a giant two-headed wolf along with several silhouettes. There was an ongoing battle of great intensity as the wolf’s black head blew out an endless stream of inky black Qi.

These silhouettes must have been the cultivators and demons from the eighth floor.

Long Meng, still in possession of Hua Tianqi’s body, was fluttering her hands in the air, producing two giant white hands to smash down on the black Qi repeatedly.

The Ye Clan Grand Elder, Corpse Xiong, the Silver-winged Nightfiend, and the others were standing farther away, trying to avoid being drawn into the exchange. Only the large-headed eccentric was missing among them.

But what astonished Han Li the most was that the younger elder from the Immortal Form Sect stood at the wolf’s side.

At that moment, her eyes were lifeless and black Qi engorged her face. She was controlling a sparkling silver textile shuttle and was fighting a furious Lady Mu.

The others were also using various techniques to attack the huge wolf with all the power they could muster. Additionally, the surrounding yellow winds rolled on the surface of the huge wolf where a black flood dragon was concealed. It spat out black torrents, blocking a huge silver lotus and eight demon beast mirages.

The silver lotus was motionlessly floating in the air and shining brightly, producing an unending stream of ancient palm-sized talisman characters across its surface. When the torrents made contact with it, a fierce explosion would form and the black wind was scattered.

It was the Black Wind F

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