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The Elder Devil swung his newly split sabers and released countless palm-sized black crescents in a dense barrage towards Han Li. He took no notice of the other cultivators and was hellbent on pursuing him alone.

This came as no surprise. Among the enemies that faced him, Han Li and Lin Yinping were the easiest to eliminate, but the Endless Sky Saintess Lin Yinping had Grand Imortal Xu with her.

Of course, the Elder Devil only concluded this because he never had an opportunity to fight Han Li at full strength.

When Han Li saw the devil’s overbearing assault, he maintained complete calm and waved his sleeve. Out produced a small shield that moved in front of him, quickly expanding to protect his front.

He then glanced at the devil and let out a sigh.

The Elder Devil looked at his expression from a distance and shortly paused in surprise at his reaction, but then, he immediately sensed a strange spiritual pressure from underneath him.

Before he could glance down, he heard a slash and a silhouette wrapped in yellow made an abrupt appearance from the ground ten meters behind him.

Soon after, the figure let out a shout and swung down the huge silver axe she held in her hands.

This was the horned woman Gui Ling who had remained hidden underneath where Han Li originally stood.

Before the blade of the axe even fell, its fearsome spiritual pressure shook the nearby ground causing the earth to quake with foot-deep holes.

The Elder Devil’s face fell and no longer moved to assault Han Li. He hurriedly turned around and sliced his swords in a cross. Two huge blades of light surged out to meet the silver axe just in time.

Black and silver light erupted as the attacks collided. A shockwave of both icy and searing air bloomed in every direction.

The black light blades managed to temporarily stop the huge axe’s descend for just a second before disappearing.

During that delay, the Elder Devil clasped two of his hands in an incantation gesture. With the sounds of cracking bone, his body surged in size. His clothes tore away to reveal a layer of sleek armor made from foot-wide black scales.

Inky devilish Qi covered his wounds and his flesh squirmed beneath, quickly healing itself.

After turning in the air, an ominous glint flashed in his eyes and he took a deep breath. He opened his mouth to release a wide shockwave at the axe. When they collided against the huge silver axe, the sound seemed to become solid and blocked the axe from falling any further.

The devil suddenly let out an ancient incantation and the black scales covering his body brightened, igniting in a dense layer of impressive black-purple flames.

Gui Ling’s heart trembled at the sight and she jumped back. With a loud shout, her body ferociously expanded and a layer of green armor fitted around her.

The silver axe grew alongside her, glistening with a brilliant glow. She chopped down with even greater strength.

Her sudden gro

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