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The grey-robed old man worriedly said, “If it were only the old demon’s incarnation, we might stand a chance of winning. We’ve fully released glacial Qi from the island’s restriction and blocked a majority of ordinary demon beasts from entering. Only ice-attributed demon beasts will be immune from the restriction.”

“It is no matter,” the beautiful woman said, “The Ice Sea demon beasts will be dealt with using the treasures our ancestors have left behind. After all, the treasures were stored in our sect for countless years so that they would one day be used. We’ll only need to take particular care of the demon beasts at grade nine and above.”

Bai Yaoyi and the old man unconsciously exchanged a glance before wearing an understanding gaze.

The old man cracked a smile, “If Milady hadn’t mentioned it, we would’ve nearly forgotten about the treasure. With that treasure, the Ice Sea demons will be useless. It is a pity it only works on their lower grade demon beasts, or else it would be a great killing tool.”

“That will be enough. Against the overbearing number of demons, the odds of defending ourselves aren’t great. Let us use this time to evacuate the lower-grade disciples and only have useful disciples stay behind. We’ll be reducing meaningless deaths.”

“Yes, milady!” Both Bai Yaoyi and the old man respectfully acknowledged.

In the following days, the quiet sect was stirred into action. A strained atmosphere from the upcoming war seemed to blossom overnight.

Not only were a majority of the sect’s spell formation and restrictions activated, but there were masses of low-grade disciples evacuating from the sect. It was unknown where they went.

Two days after the three elders had their conversation, Arctic Dragon opened his eyes from meditation from within the Great Yang Essence Stone room down inside the Profound Jade Cave.

He looked at the other cultivators that were meditating in the room and slowly said, “I previously explained the crucial points and techniques needed. With your talents, two days should be more than enough for you to comprehend what to do.”

With that said, the others began to slowly open their eyes.

The monk smiled, “No problems on my end.”

“I’ve already finished learning it a half-day earlier!” The old woman boldly said.

“I am also done,” said Han Li.

Bai Mengxin and the azure-robed middle-aged man already done this ahead of time of course.

“Since you’re all ready, let’s start! The process of breaking through my bottleneck can take anywhere to several days to many months. Regardless of the possibility of success, I hope you’ll do your best until the end. In truth, I am somewhat worried about the circumstances on the outside, so I hope for this to finish as soon as possible!” Arctic Dragon spoke with a stiff expression.

Naturally, the others raised no objections.

Afterwards, Arctic Dragon and the palace elders took out bundles of formation flags and plates from the

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