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The large man didn’t dare to show his anger when he heard this, but his heart still grew sullen. Instead, he forced a smile and said, “Senior, our Li Clan has settled on the Snow Chain Mountains with Senior Long’s permission. You may take the mountains if you first inform him.”

“Do you think that ‘Senior Long’ can pressure me?” Han Li rolled his eyes and said with a hostile tone, “You have half a day to leave. If anyone finds this unacceptable, have them come find me.”

The large man’s expression fell and he thought to say something else when Han Li interrupted him with a wave of his sleeve, summoning an azure gust from it.

In the large man’s alarm, he covered his body in protective light before feeling a huge spiritual pressure weighing down on him.

The two old men using magic tools to fly were unable to raise their defenses and were sent tumbling away by the gale.

Terrified, the two tried but couldn’t raise their defenses, as if their magic power had been sealed. In that moment, they were overwhelmed with fear.

Fortunately, the wind had dissipated of its own accord rapidly, and the old men were able to stabilize themselves once again. When they turned to look up, they discovered that Han Li had already disappeared.

With a palpitating heart, one of the old men asked the grey-robed man, “Venerable Ancestor, wh-when did he...”

With an unsightly expression, he let out a deep sigh and said, “Command everyone to immediately gather their things. We have four hours to leave the mountain!”

The black-robed old man cried out, “What!? Are we truly giving up on the great deal of effort our Li Clan spent to defeat the Seven Snowchain Brothers for these mountains. We haven’t even lived here for even a hundred years. With how tyrannical this person is, will Senior Long sit still?”

Although the other old man didn’t speak, his expressions showed he agreed with him. Given how difficult it was to establish themselves there, he was also unwilling to abandon their home.

“Have you lost your minds,” the grey-robed man snorted with a gloomy expression, “You dare to pull something against someone with that level of cultivation? His spiritual pressure was even greater than Senior Long’s. I suspect he is a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator. With such might, Senior Long will turn a blind eye to this, no matter what relationship we have with him. And tyrannical as that senior may be, he did give us time to leave. If he slaughtered us without warning, do you think anybody would try and avenge us? Don’t forget that the cultivation world is where might makes right. The reason why we were able to occupy the mountain in the first place was because we were ever so slightly stronger than the Seven Snowchain Brothers, and were recognized by other factions as a result. So long as the core disciples of our Li Clan exist, we only need to fight for another spirit mountain at worse. It is a far better alternative than to meet our end by a Nascent S

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