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A deafening clang sounded out as the blades of golden light was repelled by the flick of a single finger belonging to a black-robed woman of incredible allure.

When Silvermoon saw her face, her body trembled and complexion paled.

Han Li’s attention was first caught by the two-headed four-armed devil. The Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords within his body let out a series of cries, sensing the two flying swords that had been taken away. He should be the Elder Devil from the Devilfall Valley.

Then, he looked at the gorgeous woman standing in front of it, and couldn't sense even the faintest trace of magic power from her body, clearly indicating that her cultivation was on another realm entirely.

Han Li felt his blood run cold. His body blurred several times away, bringing Silvermoon to the edge of the Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation before releasing her. Gui Ling had been silently following after him as well and couldn't help but take several odd glances at his spirit beast.

Silvermoon glanced at Han Li with a conflicted expression on her face and softly muttered, “Many thanks, Master.”

“Be careful.” Han Li frowned, now knowing that her identity was by no means simple.

Silvermoon nodded and turned to look at the beautiful woman with a sad expression.

Grand Immortal Xu and the Ye Clan Elders had also fled to the edge of the formation. Although they were wary of each other, they were mostly bewildered by what was happening to the ground.

“What is going on? Devilish Qi is flaring from their bodies!” a voice of disbelief sounded out from the Sun Moon Shuttle. Soon after, Lady Mu's body blurred and she appeared above the treasure, holding the Dragon Call Seal’s dragon phantom in her hand.

However, the dragon phantom was now giving a far more violent reaction to this newly appeared group, compared to when it faced Long Meng.

Even if Lady Mu hadn’t activated the treasure, the phantom would’ve summoned itself regardless.

At a loss of the current situation, Grand Immortal Xu coldly glanced at Lady Mu. In any case, the conflict had turned chaotic and devils were appearing, each new more vicious than the last. He already made up his mind to flee.

With that thought, his lips began to move as he sent voice transmissions towards the Endless Sky Saintess, Lin Yinping.

She tightly frowned and nodded, and Grand Immortal Xu began to float erratically in the air as he began to look around him.

In addition, the Ye Clan Elders were also alarmed by the appearance of the new devils and let go of any intention of acquiring the treasure. The Grand Elder gave the other two Ye Clan members a meaningful glance and they formed an incantation gesture. Their bodies then blurred before stealthily slipping away.

When the Silver-winged Nightfiend saw the woman’s face, he was stunned.

If it weren’t for the profuse devilish Qi emitting from her body, she appeared exactly like the original Fairy Ling Long. However, Sil

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