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After the blood blade struck at the wall, Han Li followed through with his fan, releasing a stream of tri-colored flame, followed by a golden swordstreak.

His puppet also released his bow, shooting an arrow of blinding flame at the same point.

Eventually the wall warped several times before it was forcefully dispersed. With the appearance of the hole came wisps of devilish Qi flying out.

Silvermoon let out a yelp and flew inside as a white streak. Han Li flared his Thunderstorm Wings and followed suit.

As soon as he entered, he saw countless strands of inky devilish Qi stirring in the air. His lips curved down and he summoned his Tailstar Essence Shield from his sleeve, forming a silver light barrier around him in a blur.

As soon as the black devilish Qi touched the barrier, he could hear crackles as the devilish Qi thoroughly corroded the barrier. His face winced when he saw it dim.

When he entered the abyssal vortex of devilish Qi in the Heavenly South’s Endless Sea, the devilish Qi wasn’t nearly as fearsome or thick. As he didn’t have much Divine Devilbane Lightning remaining from all of the previous battles, he had to rely on his Tailstar Essence Shield to resist the devilish Qi, but given how quickly even that was wanning, he wouldn’t have much time.

With that in mind, Han Li shot a glance at Silvermoon.

She was currently enveloped in sanguine light formed from the blood blade. Whenever devilish Qi clouded near her, it wasn’t able to touch her. It seemed she had good reason to ‘request’ the blood blade from Corpse Xiong.

Silvermoon shouted out to Han Li before directly shooting towards the center. Han Li blurred and followed close behind her, his light disappearing along the way as he concealed himself.

At that same moment, Silvermoon’s adorable laughter sounded from the direction of the altar, followed by several wolf howls and Yuan Cha’s frustrated voice, “Hmph! Since you’ve dared to return, I’ll turn you into a devil.”

Above the altar, two spheres of a crimson and black light were weaved together, twinkling with pure power as explosions occasionally shattered out from them. The giant spiritual pressure that it released caused the nearby devilish Qi to distort and roil as if they were two tsunamis colliding. For a time, it was unknown who held the advantage.

When Han Li saw that Silvermoon held fast, he felt somewhat relieved and blue light shined from his eyes as he gazed into the black seas surrounding him.

Although the implosion of the Black Wind Flag had thoroughly annihilated the altar, the two giant tablets on top of it were formed from Flexile Spirit Jade, an ancient material that wasn’t so easily destroyed. One of the two tablets should be usable with the Heavencrystal Stele.

After a short moment, Han Li spotted a pile of rocks and found two tablets buried within them. One of them was embedded with a destroyed Dragon Call Crest, but the other laid to the side, intact.


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