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Confronted against the two impatient cultivators, Master Sable dryly coughed. As he considered what to say to pacify them, a cold voice chimed from the distance, “What? Do you plan on charging through even with both the Heavenly Devil Sect and High Zenith Sect blocking you?”

Suddenly, Old Man Luo’s expression vastly changed. A black light shot before them from the distant horizon.

It faded to reveal a hook-nosed middle-aged man in black scholar robes.

As soon as he appeared, the old man’s bearing turned completely gloomy.

“Daoist Sevenwonders!” He coldly gasped.

It wasn’t to say that Sevenwonders was superior to Master Sable, but that he was notorious for his extremely cruel acts as the Heavenly Devil Sect’s enforcement elder. As Old Man Luo was only a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator, he was entirely unwilling to upset him.

“Fellow Daoist Sevenwonders must be joking. Since your esteemed sects view this matter with such severity, it seems the passage must truly be dangerous. Waiting a few more days is perfectly acceptable.” The old eccentric chuckled and drew back into the crowd.

The cultivator in green mist silently withdrew as well.

With the appearance of the top sects of both the Righteous and Devilish Dao joining hands, dissonance stirred in the crowd.

As of current, even an idiot would know that whatever being sealed was of grave importance. Why else would the two greatest sects be willing to spare such a strong force?

But under the pressure of two vastly powerful factions, the vagrants and those from smaller sects didn’t dare complain. Even those from the larger sects were unwilling to stir up trouble.

Eight Heavenly Devil Sect cultivators flew in their direction, all at Nascent Soul stage.

As soon as they arrived, they silently took out formation plates and spell flags, quickly erecting a huge restriction in the blink of an eye and creating a dense white mist over the seal’s opening. The High Zenith and the Heavenly Devil Sect cultivators then disappeared into the formation without a trace.

Right after, many of the cultivators that wished to observe them looked at each other in dismay.

Inside the restriction, Master Sable sighed and smiled to Daoist Sevenwonders, “Fortunately, you made haste. I fear I wouldn’t have been able to ward them off much longer. Your reputation should strike them with fear.”

The middle-aged scholar put on an insincere smile and said, “Do you wish to yell my name to those outside?”

Master Sable dryly laughed, “Perish the thought.”

“Alright, let’s get back to the matter at hand,” Sevenwonders frowned and said, “These orders are not something we can simply disobey. On the way, I heard that the Yin Sifting Sect already managed to enter. Did you let them in because Old Devil Qian be among them?”

“Before I came, Old Devil Qian and a few vagrant cultivators had already entered. Later on, some Yin Sifting Sect and a few Endless Sky Temple cultivators ent

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