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“This is the lair of the Ice Rage Beasts?” Han Li glanced down at an unfathomably deep ravine in the ice and frowned. Biting glacial winds blew out from it without end.

Bai Yaoyi floated at Han Li’s side and looked around them. Then she confidently said, “That’s right, this is the place!”

“In that case, let’s have them come out!” Han Li nodded and formed a spell seal. His entire body flickered with light and specks of starlight emerged in front of him. Then with a crackle, they burst into scarlet fist-sized fireballs.


With a sweep of his sleeve, a wall of flame enveloped the fireballs and launched them into the ravine, soon disappearing from sight.

Han Li and Bai Yaoyi proceeded to stare down with complete focus.

A long while later, silence still filled the ravine. The sounds resulting from the fireballs’ eruption never occurred.

Han Li and Bai Yaoyi looked at each other with an odd expression.

Han Li stroked his chin and said, “They are only grade-six demon beasts. They shouldn’t be able to silently destroy the fireballs. It seems there is a more formidable beast down there.”

Bai Yaoyi wore a solemn expression, “It is possible! The disciple hadn’t tread deep into the ravine. They only saw the Profound Ice Flower from a distance before being discovered by the Ice Rage Beasts.”

“Hehe, that’s fine. I’ll just use my spirit beasts to draw them out,” Han Li said with an indifferent tone. He slapped his storage pouch and summoned a dozen white streaks that circled once around him. They were foot-long Six-winged Frost Centipedes, each possessing translucent wings and a fiendish appearance.

Han Li let out a low cry and pointed at the Six-winged Frost Centipedes in the air. The centipedes buzzed with joy and wrapped themselves in glacial light as they dived down.

Bai Yaoyi betrayed surprise, but she said nothing.

Han Li had no concern for the Six-winged Frost Centipedes. Even a grade-eight demon beast wouldn’t be able to escape them if they launched a joint attack.

And not long after, the sounds of battle echoed from the ravine, drawing closer, turning louder before the battle was dragged outside.

Han Li pursed his lips and silently waved his sleeve, releasing a dozen golden streaks from his sleeve. They turned into a dozen foot-long golden swords, floating still above the ice reveal as they sparkled with light.

Bai Yaoyi smiled, believing Han Li would be able to deal with the demon beasts with ease.

A short moment later, a series of monstrous roars sounded from below. Afterwards, a series of white mist blew out from them, containing eight snow-white lion-like beasts. They appeared extremely frightened as if they were fleeing for their lives.

They were the so-called Snow Rage Beasts.

He launched a sword seal without any hesitation, causing several of his swords to tremble and launch themselves forward, turning into dazzling three-meter-long streaks.

Like a flash of lig

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