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As space began to warp around the giant black vortex, the Star Defying Plate finally began to display its might.

With starlight pulsing from its center, countless fist-sized balls of light rushed out, painting golden streaks wherever they passed. The mesmerizing scene was like that of shooting stars spreading throughout the night sky.

The two-headed wolf ignored the attack and pressed the black vortex into a greater frenzy, causing it to consume many more specks of white light from its surroundings and increase its degree of compression.

But in the next moment, the black wolf was amazed by what it witnessed.

Golden star light brushed past the top of the vortex, rather than striking.

‘Was I mistaken? Absurd, how can this happen with the guidance of spiritual sense?’ The wolf felt puzzled but it suddenly sensed something abnormal and one of its heads turned around, frightened by what it saw.

The wolf’s other head quickly uttered a series of incantations and released another wave of rainbow light from the vortex, attempting to isolate the golden starlight from joining together.

But then Ling Long shouted, “It’s too late! I’ve already released him!”

As soon as she said this, a large mass of starlight converged around a hundred meters behind the vortex, followed by the drop of a silhouette. Floating amidst the starlight, he looked around him, bewildered.

Once Han Li saw him, he was completely flabbergasted. “Him!? How did he get here?”

He was Xiang Zhili[1], an old man with a sly appearance who was sealed by the combined soul of Ling Long and Yuan Cha through the use of Phantasmic Air when he entered Kunwu Mountain. Back then, the merged soul was able to use various secret techniques of both the spirit and Elder Devil realm, resulting in a fearsome power comparable to Spatial Tempering-stage cultivation.

[1] Reoccuring character: first introduced in Yellow Maple Valley in the Trial by Blood and Fire and then later brought back at the Heavenly Talisman Sect (Chapter 960).

This was enough to temporarily seal Xiang Zhili in a space separated from spiritual Qi.

As for Phantasmic Air, it was an ancient technique that was long lost in the mortal realm. It was vastly demanding but could temporarily seal someone inside a spatial tear. The tear shouldn't exist for long and couldn't be entered from the outside. This technique also went by several other names such as the Immortal Seal Curtain or the Nightmare Prison.

Of course, the efficacy of the technique would depend on the cultivation of both the technique’s target and its caster. An attempt of a low-grade cultivator to use it to trap a high-grade cultivator would likely just backfire.

Additionally, one would be able to use incisive magic treasures to forcefully break open the tear, or they could also wait until the technique expired.

Apart from a few peculiar circumstances, the magic technique wasn’t very useful. After all, even if high-grade

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