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At the same time the Ye Clan Grand Elder was forced to appear, the black-red blade of light was weakened. With a flash, it dimmed and exerted less force, allowing the large-headed eccentric to block both the huge sword and the silver pitchfork. He used this opportunity to fly out of the range of the blade’s attacks.

Paying no attention to the wound on his chest, he glared at the eccentric and sternly said, “Where do you think you’re going? The Black Blood Blade is the legacy treasure of the Ye Clan, used to execute traitors. Since you’ve colluded with this Elder Devil and abandoned our clan, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

When the eccentric heard him speak, his complexion turned red, then white, and soon he simply sneered. He didn’t appear to take his words to heart.

Resentment was clearly visible on the scholar’s tense frown. The sheer hostility of his appearance made for a stark contrast to his originally elegant bearing.

The black-robed woman felt somewhat surprised that her earlier attack hadn’t killed the man. Now seeing where the scholar firmly stood, she frowned and grabbed at the air.

This indifferent action was performed without the slightest effort.

A crackle snapped through the air.

Five half-foot-long crystalline beams shot out from her hand and streaked towards the scholar at an immense speed.

The Ye Clan Grand Elder narrowed his eyes, but strangely enough, he didn’t make any attempt to dodge. Instead, he spat out a fire-red disc that swiveled in the air and immersed him in blinding red light.

The five claw streaks were intercepted by a large white hand that appeared in front of him nearly instantly, capturing the streaks in its grasp and crushing them into nonexistence.

The black-robed woman could only watch with a solemn expression.

Long Meng’s cold laughter danced from the palace. “Yuan Cha, if you can make alliances with the humans, then so can I. Did you think that you will so easily break the Eight Spirit Ruler’s restriction? I want to see those devil abilities that dominated the mortal world in the past. How will they fare against one Buddhist-attribute ruler? And even if you somehow manage that, I still have a bit of residual devilish Qi I can make use of.”

The black-robed woman’s face fell hearing the jeers and her gaze grew cold. “No matter how much devilish Qi you have, you are still a soul without a body. My victory is all but assured. And with the many spiritual medicines on this mountain, using a little bit of power is of no consequence.”

“Spiritual medicines?” Long Meng paused and then her tone of voice changed, “Old devil, you think-”

Before she could finish, the woman strangely smiled and flicked at the huge form of the Black Wind Flag in the air, striking it with a green spell seal.

The flag trembled and the tip of it fluttered with black light wildly shining from its surface.

A pillar of wind shot out from the banner and disappeared without a tr

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