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The two demons were shocked by the sudden attack of two newly formed devils.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend blurred without any hesitation and disappeared into the wind.

The Lion Hawk also quickly turned around with an ominous bearing and released golden shockwaves in a roar towards one of the devils.

The devil raised its large saber to block the attack, but the golden soundwaves completely enveloped it, shredding the devil back into wisps of black Qi.

The other devil raised its hand and was about to release a saber streak when the nightfiend suddenly appeared behind it.

He flicked his fingers and released a barrage of grey Ghostfiend Threads, littering the devil with holes and tearing it to mist.

Having destroyed the two devils with such ease, the Silver-winged Nightfiendincredulouslystared at the remnants of the devilish Qi.

After a short moment, the black Qi in front of him gathered and flickered with black light as the two devils were reformed.

Before they were even fully formed, one of the devils pounced forward with an open mouth and spat out a stream of black Qi.

The nightfiend frowned and raised his hand, releasing another wave of Ghostfiend Threads to meet the assault. As the attacks tangled together, the other devil transformed into a three-meter-large hawk and swept to the Lion Hawk’s side.

As a sudden fight between beak and claws broke out, black and purple feathers rustled in the air.

The Lion Hawk had a clear advantage, but the huge black hawk would rapidly recover from its heavy injuries. There was a black light roaming across its body that seemed to be healing it to the point of immortality.

The nightfiend found himself in a similar situation. Regardless of how many times he struck down the devil with his Ghostfiend Threads, it instantly reformed itself in the blink of an eye.

It was clear these two devils were some sort of incarnation of Yuan Cha. If their master didn’t die or run out of devilish Qi, they would be undying.

‘Could it be that the devil ancestor was using these incarnations only to obstruct us from destroying the stone pillar?’ The nightfiend thought, ‘It’s clear that these two won’t be able to defeat us.’

Although the two devils had lacking defenses, the devilish Qi they spat were as equally vicious as the devil ancestor’s. The two demons were fully occupied in dodging their attacks.

With the delay that the devils’ bought, the heavily damaged stone pillar soon began to shine with light as it mended itself.

This deeply vexed the nightfiend.

Corpse Xiong saw what was happening to them and felt somewhat alarmed.

Long Meng had condensed several large white hands from her spiritual sense and continuously used them to pound apart the devilish Qi down below. While occupied with this, she sent Corpse Xiong a voice transmission, “Do not worry. Those incarnations are mere portions of her soul formed from devilish arts. Two are the most of what she ca

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