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When Gui Ling appeared, she wasn’t surprised in the slightest when she saw the humans and demons gathered together, but when she glanced at Han Li, her lips moved to send him a voice transmission.

A trace of surprise was betrayed from Han Li’s initially calm face.

When Lin Yinping saw his expression, she asked, “What, has Fellow Daoist Gui discovered something?”

“It’s nothing,” Han Li said with regained calm, “It’s just that the two Fellow Daoists from the Immortal Form Sect had the same thoughts as me. They wanted to find a way out from below.”

“Oh, is that so?” Lin Yinping spoke with a mysterious smile. It was clear she hadn’t believed him, but he didn’t seem to care in the slightest.

Although the others were also suspicious of him, they prioritized their shoddy alliance and didn’t pursue the matter.

They then began to discuss their plan of action.

As they were all rich with battle experience, the discussion was brief so they quickly took action. Their bodies glowed with light before disappearing from sight.

Han Li nodded at Gui Ling and she burrowed into the earth once again.

He gave Silvermoon a command and she flew back into his sleeve in the form of a small fox.

Han Li gazed at the black teleportation formation and stroked his chin before slapping his storage pouch. In a flash of silver light, a silhouette appeared in front of him: the human-like puppet.

He flicked his hand at it. Silver light wrapped around the puppet's body before it faded to an unremarkable yellow. Afterwards, the puppet’s eyes brightly shined purple and disappeared into nothingness.

This battle would be critical, with mortal consequences. He couldn't afford to spare any strength.

With the puppet at his side, he would feel more at ease.

Given the puppet's superb concealment techniques, the Elder Devil likely wouldn’t discover it before it’s too late. But the black-robed woman on the other hand was a devil whose abilities he had yet to fully witness.

As he tightly held the Triflame Fan in one hand, he formed an incantation with the other, summoning the Thunderstorm Wings from his back. He disappeared in a flash of silver light shortly after.

At the other side of the perimeter, there lay the teleportation formation floating in the air that was now covered in a barrier of grey light. The two-headed Elder Devil was floating above it with his arms casually hanging behind his back.

One of its heads was staring in the direction of the palace with a focused gaze. The other was vigilantly looking around.

His four arms were holding onto a pair of violet rings, a blue halberd, and a scarlet brick.

Although the vicious winds of the Black Wind Flag was relentless, they didn’t seem to have much of an effect on him. A strange look appeared on the face of the head looking in the direction of the palace.

A ray of golden light suddenly flashed from the center and cleaved away a portion of the dense mist with

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