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“It’s quite simple,” Elder Ouyang said with a wry smile, “Apart from the glacial Qi, there are other things in the Profound Jade Cave you must take note of. The pieces of Myriad Year Profound Jade may seem easy to extract, but in truth, every shard in the original vein is fused together using a grand ancient ability. In addition, the cave was further tempered through countless years of exposure to the glacial Qi. Even with particularly vicious treasures, they wouldn’t be able to do much harm. Why else would I leave such a large amount of Profound Jade here? If we are able to completely extract and refine them into treasures, our palace would receive a considerable boost in power, making us comparable to the likes of the High Zenith Sect and the Heavenly Devil Sect!"

“This Profound Jade can’t be acquired?” The old woman frowned in disbelief.

Master Arctic Dragon smiled and said, “If Madam Long have her doubts, please give it a try. You’ll find out for yourself.”

“Is it really true? I’ll have to give it a shot!” The old woman’s hair trembled and she raised her cane, pointing at a bean-sized piece of Profound Jade at the rocks in front of her.

A strand of yellow light was released from the top of the cane and struck the jade.

A muffled bang sounded, followed by a flash of light from the jade piece and little else.

The old woman’s expression faintly changed and her expression soon sank as hostile intent was made clear on her face. She flicked her sleeve, summoning a simple azure hammer into her hand.

She raised her hand in a blur and the hammer disappeared in a flicker.

A huge explosion sounded, followed by a flash of azure lightning against the jade. When the light faded, a cloud of white smoke was left behind.

The woman was dumbstruck by what she saw.

Arctic Dragon chuckled, “Fellow Daoist Long doesn’t need to be so startled. Even if you used more powerful treasures, you would only be able to destroy the piece of jade. You wouldn’t be able to extract it in its entirety.

The woman’s face grew unsightly, but she remained silent.

The grey-robed monk standing to the side then said, “Fellow Daoist Arctic Dragon, In that case, your sect can’t have much Profound Jade. I am somewhat puzzled by the generous reward you had offered us.”

Arctic Dragon momentary paused before breaking out into laughter, “Haha, you are quite observant Master Mojiu. Although my sect isn’t able to excavate the Profound Jade form this cave, our sect does have a method to mine some of it. Junior Martial Sister Bai, can you take out a few pieces for him to see?”

Bai Mengxin nodded and slapped her storage pouch, producing a small white bottle into her hand.

As the others closely watched, Bai Mengxin walked several steps towards a pile of rocks in front of her and nimbly opened the bottle, using her magic power to push out a drop of jet-black liquid.

As the drop flew to one of the pieces of profound jade, it left a trail

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