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The several Qi Condensation cultivators in the room were either vagrants or from small clans. When a cultivator of profound stature appeared before them, they felt their breaths turn shallow.

They weren’t able to see through his cultivation, meaning he was at Core Formation stage at the very least. Under normal circumstances they didn’t have the qualifications to speak in the direction of such a high-grade cultivator and could only look at them from a distance.

Han Li’s expression relaxed after hearing that he was still in Nanjiang and he swept his sleeve, releasing several azure streaks that entered each of the cultivator’s bodies.

They silently fell to the ground, powerless to resist.

Han Li then silently waved his hand, summoning one of them into his grasp. With his fingers wrapped around his skull, azure light began to shine from it.

A short moment later, the light faded and the cultivator dropped from his hand. He then did the same to the rest of them.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Han Li was finished with his work.

When the last one fell to the ground, he glanced at them and muttered, “It would be so much simpler to just kill them, but I’m not that ruthless. They are fortunate to trade memories for their lives.” With that said, Han Li made certain of his bearings before shooting off in an azure streak.

Two hours later, the cultivators all woke up. Realizing they had fallen unconscious, they all screamed. Although they had no memory of what happened, their lingering fear remained and they departed from the mountain as quickly as they could.

At that moment, Han Li was already tens of thousands of kilometers away, flying at a leisurely pace and casually probing the white jade slip that Ling Long had gifted him earlier.

Not long after, he sighed and put away the slip, silently sinking into thought.

He now had two different types of information. One was an introduction to reverse spirit streams and a profound grand spell formation that cultivators from the spirit realm used to open them.

The spell formation was complicated beyond belief, and would require top-grade spirit stones to activate. The quantity that it mentioned left him at a loss for words.

Even if the formation was unsuitable for use in the mortal realm, if he strenuously researched it, it could bepossiblefor him to create a simplified version of it. He would be able to put this knowledge to use in that way.

The other portion of information was the spatial nodes in the mortal realm.

Not only did it mention the areas where they could be easily found, but there were over a dozen spatial nodes mentioned that existed in the past with each of their locations noted in exact detail. Xiang Zhili and Corpse Xiong were only given information on a few of them.

As he continued to ponder, a faint smile appeared on his pensive face.

Regardless of how important the contents of the slip would be in the future, his

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