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When she heard Master Sable’s question, Lin Yinping glanced between the Keen Spirit Peacock and Han Li with a hesitant expression.

Just then, white light flashed above the head of the peacock and Grand Immortal Xu’s face appeared in the air. As Daoist Sevenwonders and Master Sable looked on with amazement, he wryly smiled, “There is no need to look for me. Since my body has been destroyed, my Nascent Soul is currently residing in my bird.”

Alarmed, Master Sable’s complexion paled. “How can that be?! You were a late-stage cultivator! Could it be the Ancient Devil Ancestor has already escaped!?”

Grand Immortal Xu’s expression sank. “...It seems you already knew about that devil.”

Master Sable chuckled and reassured him, “Fellow Daoist Xu, don’t misunderstand. I only recently learned of this when my master sent information about what laid here. This matter was so important that I was hoping that you could give us some more insight.”

Grand Immortal Xu felt doubtful of his words, but since he was reduced to a Nascent Soul, he couldn’t question him. Instead, he sighed and said, “The devil ancestor indeed escaped its prison, but my body was not destroyed by the devil. Rather, we were ambushed by the Myriad Demon Valley’s Ancient Corpse Xiong.”

Master Sable blinked and said, “Myriad Demon Valley? That’s impossible. I’ve been guarding the entrance to the mountain this whole time. How could Old Corpse Xiong slip past me? Could it be he entered before us?”

“That’s right. Not only did he enter before us, but he also used some sort of technique to mask the corpse Qi from his body and disguised himself as a human cultivator.” He felt great heartache, having suffered so much to the power of the blood blade.

Daoist Sevenwonders frowned, “Then the result isn’t surprising considering that Corpse Xiong ambushed you. It sounds like he used the strange treasure that the Myriad Demon Valley has called the Form Enchantment Pearl. It is said once the pearl is consumed, one can not only change their appearance at will, but also conceal demonic, corpse, or any other odd aura. Common cultivators wouldn’t be able to see through it. I doubt that even my Clear Sound Mirror wouldn’t be able to break their concealment.”

Something sparked in Master Sable’s mind and he said, “Now that you mention it, I heard that after one swallows the pearl, their magic power is greatly reduced for the pearl’s effects to work. When Corpse Xiong ambushed you, his true appearance must’ve been revealed.”

“Fellow Daoists, you are correct. Corpse Xiong did appear in his true form when he ambushed me.” Immortal Xu wore a resentful expression.

Sevenwonders, the middle-aged scholar, examined the Keen Spirit Peacock and smiled, saying, “It’s still fortunate that your Nascent Soul was able to escape Corpse Xiong’s attacks. Furthermore, you haven’t fully possessed another body yet. So long as you find a suitable replacement, you’ll be able to restore your culti

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