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Contrary to Han Li’s expectations, there were hardly any changes in North Night Palace apart from a few extra guards. In addition, he spotted no trace of Bai Yaoyi. It seemed she was occupied, but it wasn’t any concern for Han Li.

In his current state, there was hardly anything that could pose a danger to his life apart from a few extremely dangerous areas or the full-powered pursuit of a Deity Transformation-stage cultivator. As a result, he decided to stay in the sect for the time being, despite having a policy of avoiding trouble where he could.

Of course, he had also agreed to assist Master Arctic Dragon in breaking his bottleneck to Deity Transformation-stage and most importantly was the secret technique to break through bottlenecks that Arctic Dragon gave him. He only had his portion of the technique. If he wanted a complete understanding of the technique, he would have to personally involve himself in the process. When Han Li discovered this, he felt a bit gloomy.

Additionally, he wasn’t willing to leave until he acquired information on the Puresun Flame Essence. [1]

[1] Mentioned in Chapter 948, an ingredient in creating a legendary medicine by the name of the Returning Sun Water.

As such, he made another trip to the Hidden Scriptures Hall and used up his two remaining days to find any information on the Puresun Flame Essence, but he ended up without any results.

Han Li wasn’t surprised by this. Rather, it would've been surprising if he found it easily.

Following that, Han Li spent his time in his temporary residence meditating, taking not a step outside as if the building were his own cave residence.

A month passed in the blink of an eye in complete peace, but it was clear to see that this was the calm before the oncoming storm.

One day, Han Li found his cultivation interrupted by a visitor, a woman who had a similar appearance to Bai Yaoyi. She was at the peak of mid-Nascent Soul stage, a step higher than Bai Yaoyi.

“Are you Fairy Bai’s elder cousin?” With hands held behind his back, he examined the woman with a trace of surprise.

“That’s right, I am Bai Mengxin, one of the inner palace elder, and one of the sect cultivators who nurtures a flame of extreme cold.”

“Ah, I’ve heard from Fellow Daoist Arctic Dragon that there were two others who cultivate ice flames in the sect. So you were one of them! May I ask why you’ve informed me of this?” As Han Li spoke, a twinkled lit from his eyes.

Although the woman appeared beautiful, her flawless face appeared frigid. It seemed to have something to do with her cultivation art.

“Nothing much. I’ve only heard that Brother Han’s abilities are quite amazing, rivaling even late-stage grand cultivators. Furthermore, your purple apex flames are exceedingly profound. I wish to compare them with my own Ice Phoenix Flames. How about it?” The woman then extended her finger and lip up a white flame from it.

The flame was like a wisp of smoke. It

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