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As the others continued to attack the formation surrounding the palace, the two Immortal Form Sect Elders were having a secret discussion.

The junior woman sent a voice transmission to Lady Mu with a worried tone, “Senior Martial Sister, must we truly aid them in breaking the formation. Elder Xiang mentioned that the palace was connected with the Elder Devil Ancestor’s seal! And how was the Eight Spirit Ruler discovered here?!”

“Don’t worry, Junior Martial Sister,” Lady Mu quickly calmed, “This isn’t the place where the devil is sealed or the Dragon Call Crest would’ve reacted by now. As for the reason why we must break this formation, it isn’t solely for the ruler. We must reach the ninth floor of the Devil Suppressing Pagoda to restrengthen the seal as it has the core of the formation. However, there is no opening to the next floor, leaving the palace as the only place it could be. I should've explained sooner.”

“So it was like that. I was wondering why Senior Martial Sister had dragged me here. But the ruler...”

Lady Mu interrupted, “The Eight Spirit Ruler is a treasure that the ancestors of our sect had left behind. It is only proper for us to acquire it.”

“That is true, but I fear it would be difficult for us to fight for it.” The beautiful woman glanced at the cultivators and the demons around them and wore a hesitant expression.

“Perhaps, but don’t forget that you have the Four Skies Ruler, a replica of that very Divine Spirit Treasure. When the fight for the ruler occurs, activate it and see if it has any impact. Even if it isn’t effective, Elder Xiang could come at any moment, and they will be forced to hand it over to him. He has a deep relationship with our sect. If we plead with him, he will be certain to give us some benefits even if he doesn’t directly hand the Eight Spirit Ruler over to us.” A cunning glint shone from Lady Mu’s eyes.

“That’s also true,” The beautiful woman then paused in thought and worriedly asked, “But what about that black formation from the room that we came from? Could it be that is where the Elder Devil is sealed? It is unfortunate that it had lost its effect, or we could’ve taken a look at it first.”

“It’s possible. Our sect records don’t mention any specific information on the Elder Devil’s seal.”

As the two were continuing their secret conversation, the Elder Devil Sacred Ancestor was attempting to break free of its constraints in a hidden space nearby.

The black mirror, the jade lotus, the ring, the authority token and the small black bottle was floating above the huge two-headed wolf, each releasing a black beam of light down below into its body. This produced a layer of eerie devilish light, pushing the talismans and chains a foot off the wolf’s hide.

The restraints twinkled with light, activating their restrictions in response to this.

But the most notable of these was the yellow mirrors that surrounded it. They all simultaneously let out a drone, and t

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