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Han Li now stood in a huge hidden room with endless rows of three-meter-tall steps carved from fine jade. He appeared baffled.

The stairs were at least three hundred meters wide and each of the steps sparkled with various colored barriers, each containing a variety of their own jade slips.

At the other end of the room, there was a flight of stairs heading upwards. The floors seemed to be separated by thick dense stone.

Shocked, Han Li took a shallow breath and turned to an old man dressed in the sect’s attire. “This is the palace’s Hidden Scripture Pavilion?”

“That’s right, Senior. There are seven separate floors of the Hidden Scripture Pavilion. Every floor has different types of records deposited with rarer records on higher floors. There are separators on each floor, preventing disciples from grabbing the wrong jade slips. When Senior wishes to head down, please give me the order. I will be waiting outside on your command.” The old man spoke with a lowered head, but his body displayed the spiritual pressure of a mid-Core Formation cultivator.

Han Li nodded, “I understand. You may head out!”

“Yes!” The old man respectfully withdrew and closed the stone gate behind him.

With Han Li alone in the room, he bluntly walked in front of one of the light barriers and waved his hand through it.

With a light bang, the light barrier shattered, revealing three jade slips underneath.

He took them into his hand and immersed his spiritual sense into them.

At the same moment Han Li was perusing the records, two white-robed women were speaking on the second floor of the Pure Focus Pavilion.

One of them was Bai Yaoyi and the other was the woman that was earlier speaking with Master Arctic Dragon.

The two bore a strong resemblance, but one of them had a gentle beauty while the other appeared ice cold.

Bai Yaoyi stood next to the window with one hand resting on the windowsill and the other fiddling with her hair. She frowned, appearing somewhat annoyed. “Second Sister, I’ve already told you, I don’t know much about this Fellow Daoist Han. Although he claims to be an overseas cultivator, the Yin Sifting Sect and the Endless Sky Temple both claimed he was from the Heavenly South. His abilities are on par with a late Nascent Soul cultivator and managed to even match the Silver-winged Nightfiend in the Yin Yang Cave. I’m also not sure as to how he managed to escape Kunwu Mountain as well.”

“Seventh Sister, please don’t take offense! It is rather hard to believe how a mid-stage cultivator from an area as remote as the Heavenly South could possess such abilities.” The other white-robed woman had a smooth voice, but it was cold and lacking emotion.

Bai Yaoyi didn’t seem to mind the other woman’s tone as she knew it was caused by reaching the height of her cultivation technique. But she was losing her patience with repeated questioning about Han Li.

Bai Yaoyi took several steps away from the window and said,

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