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Before anyone could respond, the black-robed woman coldly laughed. The bright pillar of light disappeared in the distance, and now everything was being immersed in darkness.

This Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha actually used the Black Wind Flag’s spatial abilities to seal them away.

Grand Immortal Xu and the others betrayed shock from their faces.


“Yi!Where is the person who just arrived?!”

“T-the formation isn’t working! We can’t leave!”

A series of furious voices fired out in succession. Panic had begun to set in.

Han Li felt his heart sank. He also lost sight of the person who just used the teleportation formation. He also hadn’t caught sight of his appearance. However, there were more pressing matters at hand.

He blurred and reappeared in front of the formation.

Lin Yinping and Gui Ling were standing in front and were examining it from every direction with anxious expressions.

“Let me look!” Han Li sullenly shouted. He then raised his hand and struck the edge of the formation with a spell seal. It weakly lit up but had no other reaction.

His expression sank.

At that moment, Grand Immortal Xu and the Silver-winged Nightfiend arrived next to him, but they were unfamiliar with the workings of spell formations. When the nightfiend saw Han Li’s expression, he asked, “Is there something wrong with the formation?”

“There is no problem with the formation; it’s the Black Wind Flag that is blocking us. Unless the seal goes away, neither will we.”

“How exactly can we manage that?! Do you want us to kill that Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha? If we had such abilities, why would we bother to leave!?” The nightfiend shouted.

Han Li glared back at him and bluntly retorted, “Why bother asking? You should keep your complaints to yourself. Fortunately, the devil is currently focused on dealing with the person inside the palace. Now that she’s trapped us, she won’t be paying us any heed for some time. Let us take this time to come up with a new plan. “

Angered, the nightfiend wore a hostile expression on his face, but something soon came to mind and he suppressed his anger with a snort. Then, his eyes wandered as he brooded.

To the side, Grand Immortal Xu was lost in his thoughts as well.

Lin Yinping and Gui Ling both tightly frowned in disappointment at failing to leave.

But just as Han Li and the others found themselves helpless in the face of crisis, outside the formation, the black-robed woman was enveloping herself in a black tornado and looked at the huge flag with a sneer on her face.

Apart from the several tornadoes at her side, the violent winds had gradually begun to still, making the carnage visible.

Although maintaining the spatial seal used up by the Black Wind Flag’s capacity, the Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation is now completely destroyed and now she only had to deal with the masterless Eight Spirit Ruler. Although it was immensely powerful, it couldn't command man

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