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While Han Li was releasing his flying swords, he spoke to Silvermoon in his mind.

“If I cut off the black wolf head, the devil ancestor should temporarily lose control over the body, but that could massively backfire. Wouldn’t Long Meng rush to take control of the body first?”

Silvermoon quickly explained, “With the Devil Restriction Bands’ control, the devil’s Qi is sealed and her soul won’t be able to leave the head. So long as the soul is detached from the body, I am confident in my ability to regain control. Even if Long Meng comes with her strong spiritual sense, she cannot contest with your incisive blade tempered with Auric Essence. Given that common treasures can’t harm the Silvermoon Wolf body and she would have to fight for control against the devil, she most likely wouldn’t try since she would be at a disadvantage. Of course, she can’t imagine that master possesses so many flying swords of the same make, or she wouldn’t have run off to fight for the Divine Spirit Treasures.”

When Han Li heard her, he took a deep breath and resolved himself.

Silvermoon was his artifact spirit after all. Any power she gained would directly be his as well.

He promptly formed his hands in an incantation gesture and released his flying swords in the air. Golden light sparked between them and condensed together to form a giant shimmering golden sword.

With the simple point of a finger, deep thunder boomed as a layer of golden lightning sheathed the sword. Silver strands burst from the tip to flash a silver wolf head for only a moment.

With Silvermoon directly possessing the weapon, the sword was vastly improved, and she would be able to directly enter her original body as soon as the devil was beheaded.

The huge sword blurred, cleaving through the devilish Qi like a bolt of lightning. Sparks leapt out from its wake, soon arrived near the altar in several flashes, heading straight towards the neck of the huge wolf’s black head.

The golden sword’s astonishing display naturally caught the eye of everyone that was vying for the two Divine Spirit Treasures.

Even Long Meng gave a short pause in surprise before letting out a sneer.

She didn’t believe that the sword of a trifling mid-Nascent Soul cultivator could injure the body.

But for everyone apart from her, they felt completely startled as they witnessed what would happen.

When the huge blade dropped down with immense momentum at the neck of black head, the wolf suddenly leapt up and evaded the attack.

Han Li and company were completely dumbstruck.

“It was an act! The Devil Restricting Bands didn’t restrain it!” Master Sable shouted out with a trembling voice. Daoist Sevenwonders’s face also grew unsightly, but he wasn’t about to give up. With his hands in an incantation gesture, he began to chant in an attempt to reactivate the restriction bands.

The five rings brightly flared and began to tightly shrink once more, but the wolf only gave a chesh

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