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As Arctic Dragon stared at the crack in the altar, he wore a grave expression, “Within lies the greatest hidden chamber of the Spirit Void Hall, the Profound Jade Cave. Although it isn’t very large, the cave’s Profound Jade was something that has existed since ancient times. The ancient cultivators used enormous amounts of magic power to shape a vein of Profound Jade into that cave. Although Profound Jade and Profound Ice sound similar, there are clear differences as you all should well know. And if you leave this hall, you’ll find hardly any Myriad Year Profound Jade even if you searched the entire hall.”

The azure-robed middle-aged man, Elder Ouyang, and Bai Mengxin glanced with a trace of interest.

The grey-robed monk stared at the cracks in the altar and excitedly said, “Of course! Had you not mentioned the Profound Jade Cave Before, we could’ve hardly believed that your sect was concealing something so valuable. Myriad Year Profound Jade is rarely ever found in this. A fist-sized chunk is it is all that is needed for a magic treasure to possess ice-attributed abilities, allowing it to use astonishing glacial Qi to form attacks. It is beyond comparison to profound ice.”

The old woman glanced at the altar with a bright gaze.

As for Han Li, he silently smiled, stroking the smooth surface of a small golden sword he kept hidden in his sleeve.

Arctic Dragon then changed his focus to Han Li and the other two external cultivators and said, “I’ve already spoken about this before with Junior Martial Brother Ouyang and Junior Martial Sister Bai, but you will be rewarded with a piece of Myriad Year Profound Jade as a token of your gratitude, regardless of whether or not we succeed.”

“Truly?” Even the bold and detached woman was unable to conceal her joy upon hearing him.

Arctic Dragon nodded, “It is something within my authority as the Grand Elder of the North Night PAlace.”

Joy appeared on the face of the monk as well.

Myriad Year Profound Jade was an extremely rare material that was found at no market and had no price. If one could find it, they would ordinarily infuse it with their magic power, immediately increasing its power by an entire fifth.

Even Han Li couldn't help but be moved by his generosity.

With such a heavy reward, the three would find it shameful if they didn’t do their utmost when the time came.

“Enough with that, let’s enter the Profound Jade Cave!” Arctic Dragon continued, “The glacial Qi within is extremely potent. Have your flames ready when you enter or you will be hard-pressed to defend yourselves. Fortunately, the cave has an area that can block the corrosion of the Profound Jade’s glacial Qi. We’ll be using that place to restore our magic power, else we won’t be able to stay inside for long.”

Soon after, the dwarf opened his mouth and spat out a bright blue fireball. It turned into a large firebird above his head, only to circle him once before diving at the dwarf’s body.

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