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Grand Immortal Xu coldly laughed and released a silver streak with a wave of his hand, shattering one of the statues. “I didn’t expect that Fellow Daoist Han would dare to follow us. I am truly impressed.”

Soon after the statue’s destruction, the altar flashed with white light, restoring it to its original form. Then it continued to wave its golden blade, releasing cuts of light into the air.

Han Li calmly replied, “Why wouldn’t I dare? A Divine Spirit Treasure has appeared in front of us, and you still intend on starting trouble?”

When Lin Yinping heard this, hostility flared on her face, but just as she was about to speak, she was interrupted by the Silver-winged Nightfiend, “Don’t forget that we have things to settle as well. Although there is a treasure in front of us, I wouldn’t mind settling our debts first.” The Lion Hawk next to him snarled in a clearly threatening gesture.

“Oh, is that so?” Han Li replied with a smile.

Gui Ling sighed, stepping forward to stand at his side.

The Nightfiend’s expression shifted upon seeing her.

“Fellow Daoist Gui, what are you doing? Why are you together with that human?”

An ominous glint flashed from her eye, and she yelled, “Do you truly not know, or are you playing the fool? After you made use of me, you only cared for your own life-soul tiles and tossed me aside, leaving mine in his hands! If I want to preserve my life, I can only obey him.”

The cultivators were amazed to hear this.

The Nightfiend wore slight embarrassment, and the roaring Lion Hawk immediately closed its mouth.

The three had a friendship that spanned back many years. If it were possible, the two would’ve liked to help retrieve her life-soul tile. However, the circumstances at the time were peculiar. They only managed to grab their own tiles due to luck. They truly had no method to grab Gui Ling’s. Furthermore, Han Li had been particularly cunning and immediately departed as soon as he grabbed the tile along with a few other treasures, making a clean escape while the rest had been trapped by the might of the Four Skies Ruler.

The Nightfiend’s expression returned to normal and he sullenly stared at Han Li, “Fellow Daoist Gui, don’t worry. I’ll help you take it back.”

Gui Ling glared, “Now that we reached this far, there is no point. I have no choice but to obey. If you get in our way, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

The demon wryly chuckled and said nothing else, but he continued to leer at Han Li.

Han Li indifferently ignored him as he began to form a plan of action. If the Nightfiend truly intended on finding trouble, he would have Gui Ling contest him.

Lady Mu then sweetly smiled, “Fellow Daoist Han, how did you battle against Old Devil Qian fare? Since he’s yet to appear, could it be that he’s met his end at your hands?”

The words came as a shock to everyone present.

Han Li raised his brow at her provocation, and turned to look at her and the beautiful you

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