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When Han Li heard this, his heart trembled and he hastily looked at the palace’s spell formation center.

The building appeared exactly the same as it had before.

Confused, he thought to ask Silvermoon another question when an enormous pressure surged from the palace hall, followed by a heart-rattling explosion. Yellow light shot out from the top of the hall, a large hand moving to grab the Eight Spirit Ruler.

All of the cultivators present were shocked by this and several of them even yelped in surprise.

At that moment, a sweet playful laugh echoed from the palace. Then, the space around the Eight Spirit Ruler began to fluctuate before a silhouette with disheveled hair appeared.

He opened his mouth as soon after, releasing a ray of light that flashed like lightning, striking the hand and easily penetrating it.

A miserable screech sounded out and the large hand quickly disappeared. Soon after, a silhouette wrapped in yellow light flew up and quickly shot away.

The disheveled figure chuckled and flickered in an inhuman blur. It somehow stretched itself over thirty meters away in instant pursuit.

The person in yellow light was greatly alarmed and he released a crimson arrow from his mouth.

This was an attack formed from blood essence and was incredibly fast, but the other person simply blurred from sight and the arrow passed through its body as if it were an illusion,

A miserable scream immediately called from the yellow silhouette and soon, he employed an unknown secret technique, scattering himself into mist before condensing back together a distance away.

At that moment, his complexion was deathly pale and body bloodstained. There were several long claw marks raking his body and one of his arms was a bloody stump.

“Seventh Uncle!”

The Ye Clan Elders shouted out with disbelief at his appearance.

This sorry figure was the large-headed eccentric. The Ye Clan’s Grand Elder was particularly shocked by his sudden appearance.

Although Han Li and the others didn’t know the identity of this person, a sweep of their spiritual sense revealed that he was a late-Nascent Soul cultivator. As a result, their shock was no lesser than the others.

As for the disheveled figure that chased after him, his hair covered his face, but from his appearance, it vaguely matched that of the grand elder of the Sacred Poison Sect, Hua Tianqi. However, the words that left his mouth spoke with the charming voice of a young woman.

If it weren’t for the vast abilities of those gathered and the presence of the Eight Spirit Ruler, Han Li would’ve fled.

When the other cultivators saw that something was amiss, they all looked at the disheveled man with baffled gazes.

He was able to reduce a late-Nascent Soul cultivator to such a miserable state. Could he be a Deity Transformation cultivator?

As the thought flashed through their minds, they felt their hearts drop.

But when this mysterious figure notice

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