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After Han Li was thrown twenty meters through the air, he concentrated the magic power in his body in furious alarm and managed to stabilize himself. Sensing a sharp pain from his abdomen, he looked down and felt his whole body run cold.

The Tailstar Essence Shield and his protective azure light barrier now had a fist-sized hole penetrated through. His clothes and armor formed from Gold Devouring Beetles had been ripped away as well to reveal the final layer of black armor.

The armor had a three inch opening where a sparkling silver blade had dug in, piercing through his stomach.

Azure Qi lit up his face and he shouted, suddenly forming a faint golden barrier around his body. He surprisingly received another attack by a strange blade. The wind rustled and the blade ricocheted towards the sky.

Han Li quickly raised his hand to the air and grabbed onto the weapon.

It was a half-foot long and curved like a crescent moon, but upon closer inspection it wasn’t a blade at all, it was more like an incredibly sharp wolf nail.

Han Li’s heart trembled and took another look at wound at his abdomen. The wound didn’t bleed, but revealed a glistening raw flesh that seemed to be mixed with faint golden threads. It was the unyielding metal-hard flesh he had gained after cultivating the first layer of the Bright Jade Technique.

Were it not for this last line of defence, the attack would’ve pierced through his dantian, a mortal strike.

This so-called Heavenwolf Drill was truly fearsome.

In his astonishment, he raised his head and looked at the puppet in front of him. Apart from rainbow light glistening from where the two nails pierced into its body, it appeared completely ordinary.

When Han Li saw this, he was relieved.

As Tailstar Essence and Elemental Jade was used to forge the puppet’s body, its durability was difficult to imagine.

Within the black light shining from the altar, the devil ancestor was amazed that her successive attacks hadn’t resulted in a kill.

The Heavenwolf Drill was the most vicious ability of her Silvermoon Wolf body.

Each use required her to destroy one of the four nails on her claws, with each nail being something that had been painstakingly nurtured after countless years. Their might was something even a late-Deity Transformation stage cultivator wouldn’t underestimate. Even with that, Yuan Cha was using devilish Qi to control them, so their might should be even greater.

However, these two successive attacks were withstood by a mere mid-Nascent Soul cultivator — an inconceivable result!

At that moment, the black light faded away from the altar as did the huge wolf’s form, instead taking on the form of a gorgeous black-robed woman.

In addition to her black robes, she wore armor of sinister design. It was jet-black with a two-horned ghost engraved on it. Several foot-long spikes pierced out sporadically from various parts of the armor, glistening with an eerie light.

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