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“I am surnamed Han. I was invited by Fairy Bai, so I thought to pay her a visit.” Han Li calmly answered.

The elder surnamed Ren muttered to himself for a moment and then wore a trace of realization, “So it was Brother Han? Could it be you’re talking about Junior Martial Sister Bai Yaoyi?”

“That is right.” Han Li replied.

A glint flashed through the cultivator’s eye and he eagerly said, “That is good. I was planning on visiting her as soon as I returned to the palace. Would you like me to bring you?”

Han Li’s expression remained unchanged, but he felt somewhat odd over his enthusiasm.

Before Han Li could think of a reply, a red light flashed from the distance and quickly arrived towards them.

“Its a voice transmission talisman from Senior Bai!” Shi Yun quickly explained, grabbing ahold of the flame in his hand.

When Han Li heard this, he had an excuse to swallow his reply.

After catching the fiery streak, Shi Yun quickly read it with his spiritual sense and respectfully address Han Li, “Senior Han, Martial Aunt Bai is happy to see you. She has already left seclusion and is waiting to see you at the Pure Focus Pavilion.”

Elder Ren rushed to say, “Shi Yun, continue to watch your station. I will guide him.”

When Shi Yun heard this, he didn’t dare to oppose him.

Han Li frowned but found it awkward to refuse him. He could only nod and said, “Then I will have to trouble you. Elder Ren.”

“Haha, Junior Martial Sister Bai and I are close friends. Since you are a good friend of Junior Martial Sister Bai, then you are a good friend of mine! Please, follow me,” Elder Ren courteously said. He then flew off in a red streak.

Han Li followed him without reservation.

Elder Ren suddenly asked, “Is this the first time you’ve arrived at North Night Palace?”

“Yes, it is. Your palace is worthy of being the top sect of the north. It is truly imposing like no other,” Han Li said with a chuckle.

When Elder Ren heard this, he wore a satisfied grin and said, “Brother Han exaggerates his praise. But if the palace wasn’t in such a remote palace, we truly would be on par with the ten great Righteous and Devilish sects. Ah yes, Junior Martial Sister Bai did go on a journey over ten years ago but other than that, she’s remained in seclusion. That must’ve been when you met her. With such deep cultivation, you must belong to a sect. I won’t hide this. Although the palace is located in the extreme north, I often travel throughout the Great Jin, so I know quite a few fellow Daoists.”

Han Li laughed and looked at him with a mysterious smile, “I didn’t come from the Great Jin. It is no wonder you haven’t heard of it. If you ask Fairy Bai, she’ll know more about it.”

“Hehe, is that so. I was wondering how a high-grade cultivator appeared in the Great Jin without anyone knowing about him.” Ren Bi appeared displeased by his reply and gave a hollow chuckle. After all, finding out that Han Li wasn’t from a Great Jin

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