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After a brief silence, Xiao Ming cleared his throat, yet just as he was about to say something, a faint buzzing sound rang out from the silver runes before them, and they converged again to form a silver formation.

The entire formation lit up, and spatial fluctuations erupted from its center, following which a massive hole appeared.

A man and a woman then flew out of the hole, and the man faltered slightly at the sight of Xiao Ming's trio before a hint of a smile appeared on his face. "What a coincidence; I didn't expect to see you here, fellow daoists."

Meanwhile, the woman beside him was appraising Xiao Ming's duo with a hint of surprise and wariness in her eyes.

This duo was comprised of none other than Han Li and Fairy Ice Soul.

The expressions of Xiao Ming's trio changed drastically upon seeing this, and they quickly exchanged a glance with one another.

Among all of the potential situations they had anticipated, this was the worst one.

"Have you already obtained Daoist Tian Ding's inheritance, Brother Han?" Xiao Ming asked with a dark expression.

"No, but my companion did. Is there a problem?" Han Li replied with a nonchalant smile.

Even if he were to deny this, there was no way Xiao Ming would believe him, so he decided to admit it instead.

Xiao Ming's trio was quite surprised to hear this, and they immediately turned their attention toward Fairy Ice Soul, upon which a flash of recognition and astonishment surfaced in Xiao Ming's eyes.

It was clear that he had mistaken Fairy Ice Soul for the blood soul, and he was stunned that her cultivation base had increased so drastically in such a short time.

Daoist Qing Ping and Mistress Wan Hua had naturally also noticed this, and they were quite perplexed as well, but in contrast with this, the fact that Daoist Tian Ding's inheritance had already been obtained by someone else was naturally a far more pressing concern.

Xiao Ming heaved a resigned sigh as he said, "The three of us also ventured into this place for Daoist Tian Ding's inheritance, but with Brother Han here, we naturally can't try to take the inheritance from this fellow daoist by force. How about we made a deal? We won't ask for any of the treasures left behind by Daoist Tian Ding, but we'd like to each get a replica copy of his cultivation arts, secret techniques, and tribulation transcendence methods. Of course, we'll offer you satisfactory compensation in exchange."

"That sounds like a good arrangement. What do you think, Fellow Daoist Ice Soul?" Han Li asked.

"I did obtain several of Senior Tian Ding's cultivation arts, but they were all imprinted directly into my spiritual sense through a secret technique. The secret technique also contained a blood vow restriction that prohibits me from passing on these cultivation arts to anyone else before I achieve full mastery in them. Otherwise, I run the risk of perishing from having my Nascent Soul explode. As for tribulation tra

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