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An earth-shattering boom rang out, and the entire light barrier caved in as white cracks appeared all over its surface, looking as if it were going to shatter at any moment.

Right at this moment, the small pagoda that the statue of Daoist Tian Ding was holding began to release wisps of white light that rapidly vanished into the light barrier to repair the cracks that had just appeared.

The caved-in section of the light barrier also returned to normal, and the miniature azure mountain was repelled.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this, and he swept a hand through the air to draw the miniature mountain back up his sleeve.

Fairy Ice Soul was quite stunned that Han Li was almost able to shatter the light barrier with just a casual attack, and she quickly explained, "That statue of Daoist Tian Ding is no ordinary statue, Brother Han; it can assist the small pagoda, and I exhausted every method I could think of, but still couldn't break through their combined restriction." "In that case, I'll destroy this statue first," Han Li said as a cold look flashed through his eyes.

All of a sudden, his body began to swell drastically in size, and he transformed into a giant golden ape that was over 100 feet tall amid a flash of golden light.

At the same time, the Provenance True Devil Projection emerged behind him.

Immediately thereafter, he flipped his hands over to summon a pair of miniature mountains, one black and one azure, both of which instantly swelled to several tens of feet tall.

Han Li then hurled the pair of extreme mountains through the air with incredible force, targeting the statue of Daoist Tian Ding on this occasion.

As soon as the pair of mountains left his grasp, they immediately transformed into a pair of balls of light before reaching the statue in a flash amid a piercing screech.

The light barrier that was originally only protecting the pagoda immediately swelled to encompass the entire statue, and at the same time, the longsword slung across the statue's back also tremored slightly.

Two streaks of azure sword Qi were unleashed by the statue before striking the pair of oncoming mountains like lightning amid a thunderous boom.

The two small mountains only shuddered slightly before eradicating the two streaks of sword Qi with their fearsome power, but their momentum was also significantly diminished as a result.

The pair of mountains then struck the light barrier, and bright white light erupted from the statue's body again, threatening to repel the pair of small mountains.

Right at this moment, Han Li took a step forward and instantly vanished into thin air.

In the next instant, he appeared above the light barrier before clenching his huge furry fists, then thrust them violently downward, unleashing countless purplish-golden fist projections that rained down upon the light barrier in a torrential barrage.

In the beginning, the fist projections were merely disappear

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