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Han Li slowly stood up and reached out to a nearby red cloud. Suddenly, a large azure hand materialized in the air and grabbed ahold of it.

He stared at the hand and suddenly formed a strange hand gesture before muttering an incantation.

The large hand trembled momentarily before closing a fist around the cloud.

Azure light brightly shined from the hand and it soon took the shape of a ball.

He then spat out a thread of blue Nascent flame and had it wrap around the ball before quickly submerging it in an inferno.

Han Li then ceased casting spell seals and expressionlessly looked at the ball of light in silence.

After an unknown amount of time, the corner of his mouth twitched and he shook his sleeve towards the blaze and swept it away, revealing a faint red pearl.

“So I was right! Such brilliant transformation concealment methods can only be accomplished by ancient cultivators. Even then, there could only be a few cultivators that knew how to do this even during ancient times. It is fortunate that Xin Ruyin[1] mentioned a similar restriction in the jade slip she gave me long ago or I would truly be at a loss. It seems I’ll have to continue reinforcing my spirit eyes in the future. If I continue to use the Brightsight Spirit Water for another hundred years, I should be able to see through even top grade illusion transformations.” Han Li sighed, feeling somewhat gloomy that he wasn’t able to see through it.

[1] Xin Ruyin was a female Qi Condensation cultivator that was introduced in Chapter 277. She was a spell formation master who later gave Han Li the accumulation of her knowledge in exchange for the vengeance of her deceased husband.

He no longer paid any attention to the red pearl floating in the air and looked around him before a blue cloud caught his eye. Then, he reached out for it and began to envelop it in Nascent flames.

This time, the cloud disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Han Li didn’t appear surprised and simply reached out for another one.

After two more failures, he eventually came into possession of a blue pearl.

Half a day later, he acquired a yellow, azure, and gold pearl.

He solemnly raised his hand to these pearls and had them fly high into the air.

He then pulled his hands at them and had them slowly revolve, gradually accelerating them until it formed a ring of rainbow light.

Han Li raised his brow at the sight and softly shouted, “Go!”

He stopped his fingers and the rainbow ring scattered, flying off in various directions at a profound trajectory.

In the blink of an eye, they flew to seemingly unrelated points and revolved in place, pulsing in size as they underwent a strange alteration.

He was forced to narrow his eyes from the blinding eruptions as the balls now were more akin to five blazing suns.

They converged together and the world began to blur around him. Soon, light surged and Han Li found himself back at the stone steps next to the h

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