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Although Han Li didn’t believe they would be able to kill Old Devil Qian so easily, he hadn’t expected how elusive his devilish arts would be. His very body had turned nearly incorporeal, and it wasn’t the effect of any ghostly properties but a Devil Dao technique that turned his body into that of an undying devil.

He had read of such techniques before. In the ancient past, there were many Elder Devils that took on this form, much to the great suffering of the cultivators at the time.

It was truly a marvel to witness it with his own eyes.

Han Li was amazed, but he had no intention of ceasing his assault. He opened his mouth to spit out a purple fireball. It surged to the size of a chariot before closely chasing after the crimson silhouette.

With one hand controlling the huge net of Greatnorth Essence Light pursuing the old devil, he waved his other, releasing a dense bolt of golden lightning with thunderous booms.

The horned woman assisting Han Li, Gui Ling, swiped the black rod in her hand several times at crimson mass and countless copies of the rod swept all around it in a raging storm.

As they were in the Greatnorth Essence Light, tangible treasures weren’t easily used by either side. One mistake and the light could easily destroy it.

Old Devil Qian now found himself trapped and saw that several attacks would soon strike him. The tide of the battle was quickly turning against him.

Violent fury stirred in his heart, inspiring him to grit his teeth and bite the tip of his tongue. He spit out a ball of grey light wrapped in crimson threads to block the bolt of lightning.

The two struck and a muffled bang sounded out, resulting in green trails of smoke lingering in the air — the attacks completely vanished.

In that delay, Old Devil Qian had already begun to spin in the air and summoned five clouds of white Qi around him.

They quickly grew to six meters, followed by a slender human skeleton emerging from each of them. They all had flawless bones and threads of icy Qi pervading them.

The old devil had called upon the true bodies of the Unbroken Cinque Devils.

As soon as the five skeletons appeared, they breathed out a stream of green flame.

The blaze appeared unremarkable as if it were only a common ghostly flame, but two of the streams had aimed at the Purple Apex Flames fireball and were able to hold it in a deadlock.

The flame streams from the other three skeletons formed a green wall, blocking the huge net of Greatnorth Essence Light.

Like before, the mass of rods closing in on him had tied his body down with an immense and invisible pressure.

But this time, he didn’t combust his body. After all, the method would consume a great among of his magic power; he could only use it as a last resort.

And since he had called upon the true bodies of the cinque devil incarnations, he had a plan.

With a mental command, the five bodies appeared around him in a blur and raised thei

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