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When Old Man Fu and Bai Yaoyi flew out from the long passageway, Han Li was already floating high in the air and was looking at the top of the valley wall, the source of the noise.

Just then, the two discovered that the rumbling sounds were growing weaker. If it weren’t for their high cultivation, they hardly would’ve heard it.

Soon, Old Man Fu frowned, “The sounds seem to be coming from over there, and its source is growing further away. If it weren’t for the restrictions sealing the space around here, the echoes wouldn’t be loud enough to hear.”

Han Li turned to the two and proposed, “In that case, how about we go and take a look since we aren’t familiar with the area. It will be better than running into something unprepared. Of course, we’d best conceal ourselves, rather than letting someone else discover us first.”

Naturally, they both raised no objections.

The old man formed an incantation gesture and his body shined with green light. Afterwards, it turned dim as the he gradually faded into a faint green shadow.

Bai Yaoyi raised her hand and a cold light shined from her finger, summoning a sparkling crystalline medallion. With it in hand, she began to utter a spell, and the medallion soon released a silver mist that gradually covered her before disappearing in a flash.

Because the restrictions on the mountain greatly reduced their use of spiritual sense, stealth was their ideal choice. But using concealment techniques outside of these circumstances would prove far less effective against cultivators of similar grade.

Having seen the two conceal themselves, Han Li smiled and followed suit. Without performing any visible actions, his body pulsed with light before completely erasing his aura.

The two stood in front of Han Li but weren’t able to detect him in the slightest, much to their alarm.

He then slapped a concealment talisman on his body with indifference, turning it completely translucent.

“Let’s go!” Han Li let out a soft command and the three took to the air.

In this mysterious foreign land, the three didn’t fly quickly in their search for the source of the rumbling, only at a speed similar to body lightening techniques.

The three travelled together past the verdant landscape filled with that dense spiritual Qi. Each place they crossed seemed to be an ideal place for cultivation. If this mountain were to be exposed to the outside, countless clans would scramble to seize it.

An hour later, though they hadn’t encountered anything, none of them wore joy on their faces.

The journey had been completely lifeless. They hadn’t encountered any signs of life, which was only further cause for stifling trepidation.

Bai Yaoyi hesitantly said, “Brother Han, do you feel it? The spiritual Qi here is amazing, but we’ve yet to see any spiritual plants. It’s all ordinary vegetation.”

Han Li calmly replied, “I’ve also noticed it. As we head deeper, the spiritual Qi becomes even more abun

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