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Nearly a month later at the bottom of the Yin Yang Cave, Han Li stood in a giant wind cavern and held his hands in an incantation gesture. A dozen golden swords were revolving around him, shredding the countless moths flooding him into thin lines of black Qi.

The moths were several inches long and completely black. With each flap of their wings, they released thin blades of wind towards him, but they were all easily blocked by the golden light.

But with each fallen moth, two came to take its place. Han Li grew sullen with annoyance. He tossed a spirit beast pouch from his waist and summoned a swarm of sparkling golden beetles into the air.

When the black moths met the Gold Devouring Beetles, they suddenly began to shrink back as more of their numbers fell to the ground. When he saw this, he withdrew a majority of his flying swords and stepped into the depths of the cavern.

The Yin winds here were blowing with far greater frequency and blocked his more powerful spiritual sense from seeing even ten meters ahead. At the very least, he didn’t have to worry about being harassed by the moths.

After walking to the approximate center, his eyes shined with blue light, allowing him to see the nearby surroundings with clarity. But when he looked in a certain direction, he couldn’t help but gasp.

He walked sixty meters before tossing out a moonlight stone and carrying it in the air with a mist of azure light, illuminating ten meters around him.

Underneath the white light, a skull-sized black crystal was half embedded in the wall.

But what was astonishing was that the gem was flickering with a haunting light and would release black moths without end, swarming towards Han Li and the dazzling moonlight stone in a mad rush. However, the Gold Devouring Beetles had intercepted them midway, but when each moth was killed, they simply faded away as if they never existed.

“This is the third one, but it is able to use the nearby Yin Qi to create Dark Yin Moths. How peculiar,” Han Li muttered.

When Han Li took a closer look, he saw the black crystal release a flare of black light. A pop sounded out, followed by the appearance of a meter-wide moth. It fiercely glared at Han Li with crimson eyes.

Han Li raised his brow at the sight and flicked his finger, releasing a bolt of golden lightning and dispersing the moth in an instant. Although it was certain to have a few peculiar abilities, the Divine Devilbane Lightning was its natural nemesis.

Then, he reached out for the crystal without any hesitation, and a large hand of sparkling blue light appeared in front of him. With a bang, the crystal was taken out from the wall.

In the instant the crystal was grasped, the surrounding Yin winds were decreased by over half. All the moths had turned into black Qi in a bright flash and blew away in the wind.

Han Li didn’t appear particularly surprised by this and instead mulled over the two smaller crystals he found earlier in

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