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Han Li wasn’t surprised by the lack of any further spoils. It was already fortunate to have made such great gains in a remote area.

Half a day later, he finished looking through the last of the buildings and returned to the stone wall at the entrance. He gazed at the white light barrier with a trace of hesitation.

Since he finished earlier than expected, he had the opportunity to look through other locations, but that would come with its own risks.

Who knew whether there would be others that also finished early and wished to do the same?

He had nothing to fear from Old Devil Qian or even the Sacred Poison Sect Elders, but it would be greatly troublesome to encounter the forerunners that had entered the mountain. He reckoned that they would attack him on sight.

But if he were to remain here for the seal to stabilize in a few days, he could return near unimpeded. However, he wasn’t entirely open to the idea.

He broke out in laughter over this line of thought.

Wouldn’t the others come to Spirit Metal Hall regardless? He reckoned that after such a long period of time has passed, those who went to the important locations in Kunwu Mountain should’ve encountered the first wave of cultivators, and likely to have already engaged in combat.

In that case, wouldn’t it be better to take advantage of the chaos to search other places? After all, he was able to find something as amazing as Great Yin Trueflame in the trifling Spirit Metal Hall.

With his current abilities, even if several late-Nascent Soul cultivators were to attack him at once, he should be able to escape with ease.

Having considered that, he took out his Triflame Fan without further hesitation and easily dissolved the barrier, then setting off down the stairway.


The large-headed eccentric and the Elder Devil, now accompanied by an old early-Nascent Soul cultivator, were currently surrounded by eight crimson ghosts inside a large hall that glowed a faint blue.

These ghosts all had a ferocious appearance and breathed out Yin Qi. They waved their hands and released pitch-black streaks towards the three from every direction. Additionally, a mist of grey Yin Qi was currently encompassing them. But no matter how violent the Yin Qi and how sharp the claw streaks may be, they weren’t able to pierce the barriers of light that protected them.

The three all used their own treasures to attack, but despite their efforts, it was to little effect.

Be it smashing to pieces or cutting them to halves, the ghosts immediately restored themselves after being scattered. They showed no signs of weakening as if they were undying.

At that moment, the old man clapped his hands together and raised them into the air, releasing a string of scarlet fireballs towards the fiends and disintegrating them. But just like before, the ghosts immediately condensed back together and pounced towards the light barrier.

The old man anxiously said, “Seventh Uncle, E

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