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Han Li had no intention of chasing after the Silver-winged Nightfiend in this new place. Without the barrier trapping the nightfiend, he wouldn’t be able to easily slay it with the Triflame Fan. Also...

He turned to look at the Weeping Soul Beast, who was now waving a white object in its hand, and smiled.

Upon closer inspection, it was a small delicate horse with two green eyes and was half a foot tall.

It was the Umbra Yin Horse, the objective of their dangerous journey.

Just as the teleportation began, it concealed itself once more on the Corpse Wolf’s body. As a result, it was captured when the Weeping Soul Beast had used its yellow mist to extract the Corpse Wolf’s Qi.

If Han Li hadn’t noticed and commanded the Weeping Soul Beast to stop, the Umbra Yin Horse might’ve been devoured.

As for the two flying swords that the nightfiend had captured, it paid them no mind after the teleportation, and Han Li was able to easily take them back. Unfortunately for the black-robed woman’s Nascent Soul, the nightfiend had swallowed it before escaping.

The sole thing that left him gloomy was that his crystal flying needle had been captured by the Silver-winged Nightfiend.

Fortunately, the nightfiend shouldn’t be able to erase his spiritual marks in a short time. There could be an opportunity to seize it back.

Having settled these thoughts, Han Li looked around him. It closely resembled the underground cavern they were in, but no Yin winds were present and the air was filled with an abundant spiritual Qi. It appeared this cave was located above a top quality spirit vein.

He then looked at the spell formation he was stepping on.

From his knowledge and experience, he was able to tell that it was clearly a receiving spell formation. In other words, there was no way to return using the formation.

Han Li frowned in thought for a moment before turning his attention to the huge cocoons.

They contained strong pulses of spiritual Qi, clearly indicating that Old Man Fu and Bai Yaoyi were still alive.

Han Li hesitated for a moment before waving at the Weeping Soul Beast and summoning the Umbra Yin Horse into his hand. Then, he placed it in a spirit beast pouch after sticking several restrictive talismans on it.

With that done, Han Li raised his hand and released two dense bolts of golden lightning at the grey cocoons.

An explosion sounded out as the lightning wrapped around the cocoons in a huge net.

This battle between the lightning and the threads lasted for a time.

Without the control of the Silver-winged Nightfiend, the Ghostfiend Threads began to disperse layer after layer within the lightning.

Eventually, the cocoons burst to reveal Old Man Fu and Bai Yaoyi.

The two had pale complexions and unsightly expressions.

After spending so much time trapped by the Ghostfiend Threads, they were certain to have gone through excruciating pain, considering their magic power had been forcefull

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