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Just as Lady Mu was about to seize the treasures, the ground below her flashed bright green and several verdant serpents shot out and wrapped around her at lightning speed. With their prey fully restricted, the snakes immediately struck at her with their fangs.

Bang. The woman’s sentient treasures formed her a barrier of white light, repelling the attack and revealing their true form as green vines, but they still restrained her nevertheless.

Lady Mu expressed the same alarmed fury as Han Li had.

She hadn’t expected that there was someone following her as well. Having trapped Han Li and cleared the barrier for the treasures on the table, wasn’t she being taken advantage of? Who could’ve closely followed behind her Sun Moon Shuttle and remain completely undetected?

The reason why she was able to stealthily burrow underground was because she possessed a silver medallion that the Three Elders of Kunwu had left behind. It allows her to temporarily control a portion of the restrictions in the hall, giving her access to burrow underground.

At that moment, a strange tinkling laugh rang clear and a tall green silhouette silently emerged from the nearby ground. A pair of icy green eyes stared at her, causing her heart to shudder.

After clearly seeing the form of the new encounter, she cried out in shock, “A Treant Lord! How can such a monster exist in this world?”

Although the green silhouette had a human-like appearance with all the appropriate limbs and head, its body was made of bark skin and more akin to a walking tree.

When the Treant Lord heard her cry, it sneered and paid little heed as it blurred towards the table, clearly intending on claiming the treasures for itself.

Lady Mu’s heart sank. Even if she could escape, it was too late to block the monster.

But an unimaginable scene soon followed.

Before the Treant drew close to the table, the fragments of the painting Han Li tore up suddenly shined with specks of yellow, white, and red. They formed a tri-color gust that flung the ball of green light over thirty meters back.

The ball was dispelled back into its original position and was thrown into an uncontrollable tumble.

After several rolls, the tall monster managed to regain control and stood up. It looked at the mists of light with unspeakable terror.

The three mists circled around the table and transformed into three indistinct foot-tall silhouettes: the Daoist, the Confucian, and the Buddhist figures from the painting! Their eyes emotionlessly gazed at the Tree Spirit in the distance as if it was already dead.

“The Three Kunwu Elders!” The Treant Lord shouted in terror. Without another thought, its body glowed green and it flew headfirst into the Greatnorth Essence Lights, not daring to turn back.

Then, the three miniature men silently pointed at the small sword, monk staff, and the scroll on the table.

The three treasures hummed and trembled, jumping into the air and formin

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