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With a face still lingering with fear, Bai Yaoyi slowly said, “I was heavily injured. In order to repel my enemies, I was forced to release the profound glacial Qi I diligently cultivated within my flying sword for many years. At the time, the others were only thinking of entering the lower floors as soon as they could and I managed to escape death through only luck.”

“Oh? From your words, you don’t seem very familiar with the attackers!”

“It was someone from the group of cultivators that arrived before us. At the time, I was in a deadlock with someone when I was ambushed, forcing me to seal myself. The ice would’ve taken a long time to break unless a late-Nascent Soul cultivator was personally bent on destroying it. But since I am heavily injured, I had no way to break free and had to trouble Fellow Daoist Han to save me. Had I remained sealed for a long... I don’t even want to think of the consequences. Speaking of it, Brother Han is truly powerful to be able to wipe away the glacial Qi in only a short time.”

“It didn’t take much effort. Could Fellow Daoist Bai tell me what happened here?”

“After Fellow Daoist Fu and I departed, we searched a secret pavilion and acquired quite a few gains. We planned to withdraw, but then, an abrupt change occurred in the sky above the Devil Suppressing Pagoda, signifying the appearance of a grand treasure. We were overcome with greed and had joined the fray. Along the way, we encountered many cultivators that were heading in that direction as well. We saw the Yin Sifting Sect Elders, the cultivators that had opened the seal, the vagrant cultivators, and even the Silver-winged Nightfiend from before. To tell the truth, when we saw so many powerful figures, we immediately felt regret and thought to withdraw. However, they had attacked as soon as they spotted us and we were forced to fight. I had been pursued from the very beginning and fled here. Fellow Daoist Fu had disappeared along the way. It seemed he had an opportunity to escape.”

As Bai Yaoyi explained what happened, she examined the horned woman at his side with an uneasy expression. She clearly sensed the fearsome demonic Qi emitting from her body.

Seeing that she was startled, Han Li smiled and said, “There is no need to fear, Fellow Daoist Bai. Fellow Daoist Gui Ling has agreed to join hands with me. I wouldn’t have dared to come otherwise.”

Gui Ling then squeezed out a faint smile.

Although Bai Yaoyi didn’t believe the two’s circumstances were as simple as he stated, she felt relieved, “So it was like that. I did say Brother Han’s abilities and wisdom is far beyond the likes of us.”

Then with a stern expression, he continued, “But I have to mention I saw the remains of Fellow Daoist Fu. He had passed near the entrance.”

“Truly?” Bai Yaoyi wore a trace of astonishment.

“I personally dealt with his corpse and there are no signs that his Nascent Soul manifested.” Han Li was then reminded of the crimson saber

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