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“It would be good for it to go that smoothly. However, we can only take it one step at a time,” Han Li replied with an indifference.

At that moment, a huge explosion sounded out from behind. He instantly knew that it was the sound of a felled Goldweight Spirit Tree, but he wasn’t nervous in the slightest as he was only a hundred meters away from Kunwu Hall now.

At the very top of its giant gate, he could already see a strange board made from neither metal nor wood. In bold calligraphy and ancient golden script, ‘Kunwu Hall’ proudly stood on it.

Han Li sighed and hesitated before taking out a jade bottle from his sleeve and pouring a drop of Myriad Year Spirit Milk into his mouth.

Resisting the Goldweight Gravity left his body drained. With the spirit milk, his power was replenished in an instant, causing the azure light, golden lightning, and purple flames to flourish.

Soon after, he quickened his pace towards the palace gate.


On the seventh floor of the Devil Suppressing Pagoda, a clear eruption sounded out. The crystal wall blocking the large-headed eccentric’s party had finally fell following their relentless attacks. The fragments that had erupted from it slowly faded away.

“The wall is worthy of being the Buddhist Sanctuary Sect’s signature treasure. It has stalled us for quite some time. Let’s move.” With that said, the eccentric waved his hand and recalled a sparkling small silver sword back into his garments.

The old Ye Clan Elder put away his white jade ruler and anxiously said, “After so long, could the Sacred Poison Sect have acquired the treasure already?”

“Don’t worry,” the Elder Devil calmly reassured, “Even if they did, they can’t use it immediately. We can seize it away from them.”

“Exactly. That’s exactly what I plan on doing.” The large-headed eccentric heartily laughed and then led the way through the seventh floor.

The old Ye Clan Elder nodded and dryly smiled as he followed after them.

In the blink of an eye, the three travelled down the stone steps and arrived at a stone room with the two formations.

They saw a black and a white short-range teleportation formation. The three were just as surprised as the Sacred Poison Sect Elders had been. But when the Elder Devil focused his gaze on the black one, a trace of pleasant surprise emerged on his face.

The old man muttered, “How can there be two teleportation formations? Which one leads to the eighth floor?” As the recent use of the white formation had left remnant spiritual Qi fluctuations behind, his gaze was focused on that one.

The Elder Devil stared at the black formation and said with an odd tone, “There is no need to choose. Use this one.”

“That one? But the Sacred Poison Sect Elders...”

Just as the old man thought to interject, the Elder Devil suddenly waved his sleeve without any hesitation. A jet-black devil arm emerged from it in an instant, grabbing a hold of the old man’s head before he eve

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