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“Is that so? I don’t know what my disciples did to offend you, Brother Zheng Wei, but could you defer their punishment to me?” Before any further action could take place, an indifferent voice sounded out, followed by various-colored streaks of light heading in their direction. In the blink of an eye, the Sacred Poison Sect Elders appeared before them.

The one who spoke faced against the silhouette in the red light.

Much to the surprise of those present, the overbearing cultivator from before chuckled upon seeing their arrival and said, “So Brother Hua actually was here. It seems I’ve been lacking in manners. It was merely a jest towards your sect disciples, how could I truly bully them?” His attitude had changed dramatically.

Wild laughter came from the side, and five white silhouettes suddenly appeared in a brilliant flash. “So it was Fellow Daoist Zheng Wei, the illustrious Master Scatterwind. Now that I see you in person, your reputation is well deserved!”

“The Unbroken Cinque Devils, so it was the Yin Sifting Sect’s Brother Qian!” The cultivator coated in red light spoke out in great alarm.

“You flatter me, Brother Zheng. Your reputation is no lesser than my own!” Old Devil Qian spoke with a cackle.

Those words were true, Master Scatterwind was a famous figure in the Great Jin.

However, his fame wasn’t the result of anything good. He was known as a moralless deceiver as treacherous as they came. When faced with weaker opponents, he would act like an unsensible fiend and take advantage of them.

Such a character naturally offended many. Even a few Nascent Soul cultivators bore resentment towards him. Unfortunately, he was an early-Nascent Soul vagrant cultivator who used an easy cultivation technique to ascend to his current realm. But in the past, he happened upon an ancient grand treasure, the World Flying Boots. When fully used, he can escape even late-Nascent Soul cultivators.

In addition, he later cultivated many strange secret techniques focused on survival and avoided offending any cultivators at mid and late-Nascent Soul stage. As a result, he was able to travel freely despite being one of the most notorious figures in the Great Jin.

The Sacred Poison Sect’s Grand Elder Hua Tianqi had nothing good to say about him, but Old Devil Qian seemed quite interested.

In the face of the Yin Sifting Sect’s Grand Elder, Master Scatterwind smiled and began to slowly retreat like a mouse when faced against a cat.

When Old Devil Qian saw Scatterwind’s meek attitude, he lost interest and instead spoke again to Hua Tianqi with an oddly cheerful tone, “Brother Hua, could it be your sect is guarding this place to bar outsiders from entering?”

Hua Tianqi paused before replying with a flickering gaze, “Brother Qian must be joking. Our Sacred Poison Sect wouldn’t dare to block you, or any other sect for that matter. I merely wished to dissolve the formation covering this area to allow everyone else to hea

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