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It was clear that Han Li’s golden light was far faster than the grey threads. In sharp gusts of wind, the three small golden swords pierced through the corpses’ abdomens.

At nearly that same moment, the Ghostfiend Threads had arrived in front of Han Li and were about to strike him.

However, Han Li let out a shout and a ring of seven-colored light suddenly appeared around him. When the threads touched it, they became disconnected from the world.

When the black-robed woman saw this seven-colored light, she was stunned.

Han Li then expressionlessly pointed at the three dried corpses in the distance.

Three bolts of lightning escaped from the small swords, followed by loud pangs of thunder, each of them covering the three corpses in a net of lightning.

Before the corpses could even let out a groan, the lightning turned them into clouds of black dust, continuing to tear at the dust clouds and prevent them from reforming, but it appeared that the corpses were undying in the face of the Divine Devilbane Lightning.

Han Li frowned at the sight of this.

The black-robed woman rejoiced upon seeing him restrain them and happily put away her light barrier. She flew over and proposed, “These refined corpses had fused Baleful Corpse Qi with their own bodies. I fear we won’t be able to kill them. We’ll have to use restrictions to seal them for the time being.”

“There is no need to waste such effort, it is unknown what strange abilities these ghosts have. Common restrictions might not be able to seal them. Rather, let’s just finish them off.”

“Finish them off?”

The black-robed woman wore an odd expression, and before she realized what he meant, Han Li slapped his storage pouch and a streak of black light flew out, circling once around him before revealing itself to be a small monkey, the Weeping Soul Beast.

It was awakened by the smell of corpse Qi and immediately reveled in excitement. It let out a snort with its large nose without any command, releasing a hazy light that easily absorbed the clouds of dust from within the net of lightning and brought it into its mouth.

After a few eager gulps, it held its hands on its stomach with satisfaction and joy.

The black-robed woman was dumbstruck by these events.

There were only a few spirit beasts in this world that were capable of devouring ghosts, but she had never heard of a small monkey capable of consuming such powerful ghosts. The closest thing that came to mind was the Jade-eyed Ape, but its appearance didn’t match in the slightest.

As the black-robed woman mulled, Han Li was relieved to find that the Weeping Soul Beast wasn’t negatively affected by absorbing the three dried corpses.

But rather than immediately withdrawing the beast, he beckoned to, promptly having it obediently jump on his shoulder.

Han Li glanced at the black-robed woman and said, “Let’s go, perhaps Brother Fu has already finished capturing the Umbra Yin Horse.”


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