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The light appeared ordinary at first, but in a brief flash it had appeared behind Old Devil Qian’s cloud of black Qi.

Under the radiance of a thousand rays of light, Old Devil Qian roared in anguish. The devilish Qi dissolved to reveal the crimson Nascent Soul and the Ghost Sifting Banner beneath.

A short moment later, countless threads of azure mist tightly bound his soul. No matter how much resistance he raised with violent flashes of green light and roaring crimson flames, he wasn’t able to escape them.

Rapidly, Han Li arrived next to Old Devil Qian’s Nascent Soul in a flash of silver. He smiled and raised his hand.

Spatial fluctuations appeared above the both of them, followed by the appearance of the Heavenvoid Cauldron.

After it dropped into his grasp, he looked at the captured Nascent Soul.

Old Devil Qian’s Nascent Soul writhed with terror and his heart dropped when he saw Han Li look at him with hostile intentions, but soon, a vicious resolve was born in his heart and he bit to the tip of his tongue with a grimace.

Han Li’s gaze turned cold.

With two pops, talismans were stuck onto the soul’s body, one gold and one silver, freezing his magic power and dissolving the suicidal attack he was about to launch.

Right after, the yellow-robed middle-aged cultivator appeared behind Old Devil Qian in a flash of light, it was the late-Nascent Soul puppet. It had silently arrived there at an unknown time. Han Li wore a mysterious smile following its appearance.

At the start of the ambush, Han Li had the puppet conceal itself in the direction of the palace gates If the old devil was truly as cunning as he believed, he would flee without a thought. And since the puppet wasn’t alive, its aura was concealed with extreme ease. Apart from seeing it with one’s own eyes, one would be incapable of detecting it.

As a result, Old Devil Qian ended up ambushed by the arrow of Golden Lightning Bamboo while he made his escape, and was forcibly pushed back deeper in the hall.

But because Han Li needed to capture his Nascent Soul alive, he used Divine Devilbane Lightning to scare him away after he destroyed the Blood Devil Pearl using the dagger refined from the Devil Essence Diamond. Then as he fled in a panic, his puppet sneaked behind him and used its witch eyes refined from the Brilliant Glow Gem to entrap him in a bewitchment technique.

Having experienced the fearsome might of its witch eyes for himself, Han Li was confident it would be able to disable the old devil momentarily, no matter how powerful his spiritual sense may be.

And when the eccentric lost consciousness as he expected, he used the opportunity to deploy the Heavenvoid Cauldron to easily restrain him.

Following those thoughts, Han Li turned his attention to the small cauldron in his hand. Because he had only refined the first layer of its Artifact Imprint Technique, he was only capable of commanding it to release a bit of its light. If

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