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Chapter 1016: Bronze Lion

Lin Yinping followed after Grand Immortal Xu without any hesitation. As the Endless Sky Saintess, she had to rescue the holy beast incarnation no matter what.

Ge Tianhao and the other two sect elders wore unsure expressions, however.

Those belonging to the Devil Dao often lacked a sense of unity. The reason they had attacked without hesitation was because they had such a perceived advantage. But with Han Li possessing such a powerful treasure, they decided to have the others lead the way for the time being.

Although Grand Immortal Xu assured them that Han Li was only able to launch such an attack once, the opposite was just as likely. If he was able to use a technique to forcefully draw power and use the fan multiple times in succession, they would not be able to defend themselves.

And from what they’ve just heard, it is possible that he also possesses an even more powerful cauldron, much to their apprehension. Although they wished to acquire their sect’s relic, they weren’t willing to risk their lives.

For a time, the three were hesitant on whether they should follow.

Finally, with a resolute mind, Ge Tianhao softly said, “Let’s go. When we encounter that Han fellow, we’ll just provide support from the side. So long as we are quick and evade the fan, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

The two old black-robed men at his side paused before eventually nodding.

The three then quickly took off.


The stairway leading to Kunwu Hall was extremely long. Even with his unrestrained use of lightning movement, it had taken him the time to finish a meal before he could arrive. When he left the stairway, he found himself in front of a forest.

But in truth, it didn’t consist of trees, but ten-meter-tall pillars of various widths. These stone pillars were carved with uncanny precision and a few talisman characters glowed on them with faint flickering light. It was clear they were part of a huge formation.

However, what should’ve been a neat and orderly display was in utter disarray. Many of the pillars had been shattered, leaving the ground littered with rubble along with variously-sized holes.

It was clear to see that someone had used brute strength to breakthrough.

Han Li coldly swept his gaze past the scene and silently entered the forest.

The are wasn’t very large. With several blurs, he arrived at the edge, but only found a sloped wall in front of him.

The wall was constructed from giant boulders with a mess of stone statues carved out from it, each of them holding halberds and other magic tools.

As he examined this, he frowned, suddenly sensing something from above.

On the sloped wall three hundred meters up, he saw flashes of light and the occasional sounds of an eruption as if there was a battle.

“Could it be that Old Devil Qian is fighting against the first group that were before us?”

Han Li felt his heart stir and he quickly ran up using body

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