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Happiness welled in Han Li’s heart and he calmly asked, “Silvermoon, you’ve awoken?”

Silvermoon slowly said, “I woke up as soon as Master entered the hall. I’ve barely been able to after years of recuperation. I fear I won’t be able to assist Master anytime soon.”

“Did your spiritual sense suffer any damage?”

Han Li faintly felt that something was amiss from her tone and he couldn't help but frown.

With a forced chuckle, Silvermoon answered, “It’s nothing of the sort. I’ve only recovered a portion of my memories while asleep, and feel a bit uncomfortable.”

Han Li raised his brow in surprise, “You recovered a portion of your memories?”

Silvermoon let out a long sigh and elaborated with a sad tone, “Yes. It... feels as if the memories belong to someone else entirely.”

After a short silence, Han Li consoled, “It is good that you’ve managed to remember your past. Perhaps with time, you’ll remember everything.”

“Perhaps,” Silvermoon softly muttered.

“Ah yes, you mentioned that this is ‘Great Yin Trueflame,’ is that correct?” Han Li then astonishedly looked at small scarlet firebird he had captured. The bird appeared entirely lifelike and intelligent.

Silvermoon carefully explained, “There is no doubt it is a ball of Yin flame essence. If I recall correctly, this ball of trueflame should be the lowest grade of its existence, or it wouldn’t have been so easily struck down by mere sword Qi. But it is fortunate that it wasn’t Greatsun Essence Flame. This flame is quite a bit weaker than the Purple Apex Flames as it has recently come to life, but it does have the potential for extreme coldness. If it were the Greatsun Essence Flames, even the lowest grade would be capable of bringing out the fullest of its potential and escape. When the Great Yin Trueflame is nurtured, it will come to possess even greater power than your Purple Apex Flames. It is deserving of its title as one of the three true spirit flames in the mortal world.”

“And what are the three true spirit flames? I’ve never heard of them before.” Han Li stared at the firebird with doubt. All he could see from the flame was intelligence with no hint of its supposed greater power.

Silvermoon bitterly chuckled, “I’ve seen the three once before, but I can’t quite remember the details. It seems my mind is still in disarray.”

A bright glint flashed from Han Li’s eyes and he pensively said, “Since the thought had existed in your mind in the first place, it should be true. Could this Yin fire be fused with my Purple Apex Flames?”

Silvermoon warned, “While that should be possible, it’d be better for the Great Yin Trueflame to consume the Purple Apex Flames instead. After all, it is already intelligent and it would be a waste to extinguish it. There is even a possibility of backlash.”

Han Li nodded, “That is reasonable to say. But before that, I will need to first refine the trueflame. Since it has a trace of intelligence, it will be more difficu

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