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Having escaped the range of the Goldweight Spirit Trees, the two demons climbed off the tortoise’s back and she immediately returned to her human form. It appeared that passing through the trees had taken a toll on her as her complexion was now bloodlessly pale.

Then, their bodies blurred and they quickly made their way towards the hall.

Old Devil Qian’s crimson incarnation was one step ahead of them. The three saw the mass of silver threads tear the silhouette to shreds as it passed by, but at the same time, blinding crimson light erupted from its body and continuously mended it.

As this happened, the silhouette vanished behind the Greathnorth Essence Lights.

The three didn’t dare to delay at the sight of this. In a practiced fashion, the Lion Hawk blurred and appeared in front to widely open its mouth to silently release a golden soundwave. As a result, a small gap from the silver threads began to split.

Immediately after, the Silver-winged Nightfiend unfolded his wings and produced an azure wind as well, blowing away the fractured silver threads.

With continuous alternation between the two abilities, a gap had finally opened and the three quickly rushed in before slowly exploring the hall.

Still outside, Lin Yinping’s expression turned unsightly. So rapidly, their party had been reduced to five.

She gritted her teeth and tensely frowned. She turned her head to Grand Immortal Xu and said, “Brother Xu, we...”

As the Grand Immortal continued to chop at a huge tree with a jade sword, he calmly interrupted, “The Saintess need not worry. Our main goal is that Han fellow, not the treasures. With so many people entering, they won’t be easy to contest either. Let us rid ourselves of the remaining trees and guard the gate.”

Ge Tianhao grinned and said, “Ah hah! Brother Xu’s words are reasonable. Even if the others acquire the treasure, they must also leave through here. Although we aren’t able to pass through the Greatnorth Essence Lights, they won’t be able to get past us once they leave.”

Lin Yinping glanced at the deceptively lethal silver strings and nodded after a moment of thought.

The two black-robed old men also found this plan to be reasonable. Although they worried about the lost opportunity for profit, they continued to chop away at the huge trees.

In the blink of an eye, an explosion sounded out and a thirty meter tall tree fell down.


Han Li stood in front of Kunwu Hall and breathed out a long sigh. He glanced behind him and saw a dense mass of silver threads.

“Those ancient cultivators are quite cunning to intentionally place an illusion formation inside the Greatnorth Essence Lights. If it weren’t for my Brightsight Spirit Eyes, it would’ve proved quite troublesome,” Han Li muttered.

He turned around and found himself in the rear section of Kunwu Hall. It couldn't be considered large, but there were two rows of a dozen variously-styled wooden chairs that formed an of

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