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Deep underground in Nanjiang, there were several hundreds of cultivators gathered around the opening of the seal to Kunwu Mountain.

Because of the illusion formation’s explosion, the ten-meter opening was rendered unstable. Silver light continuously flowed from it as if waves were wandering across everything around it.

There were many vagrants and those from minor sects that were watching what was happening from a distance, but more importantly were several groups that had gathered near the opening in a deadlock.

Among them were a party of women who had youthful and beautiful appearances. Their emerald-green robes and adornments revealed them to be natives to Nanjiang. One of their elders possessed mid-Nascent Soul cultivation with an ordinary appearance, and their other elder possessed early-Nascent Soul cultivation though younger and more beautiful.

The women were facing a group of men that appeared in their thirties. Strangely enough, a portion of them wore black robes and the other white ones.

Leading them were a group of five Nascent Soul cultivators. Ge Tianhao and the Endless Sky Saintess Lin Yinping were among them. But the most notable of all was an elegant youth that stood at the saintess’ side. From his spiritual Qi fluctuations, he was clearly a late-Nascent Soul cultivator. He was the Endless Sky Plains’ Grand Immortal Xu.

As for the last group, they were the smallest, consisting of three azure-robed cultivators, headed by an old white-haired Daoist with an otherworldly bearing. He was a late-Nascent Soul cultivator known as Master Sable.

Master Sable looked at the green-robed mid-Nascent Soul woman with a stern expression and said, “Lady Mu, there is no need for your esteemed sect to join the fray. I don’t hold you in contempt, rather I fear your Immortal Form Sect would be greatly damaged if anything were to happen during this dangerous trip. Due to our past friendship, I am doing my best to dissuade you.”

It was clear from his tone that he was rather affectionate of the woman.

Lady Mu indifferently replied, “Master Sable, even if the High Zenith Sect is the top sect of the Righteous Dao, you can’t be this overbearing. The seal is clearly within the range of my sect’s authority. How can you prevent me from entering? My sect cares not for the danger either.”

The group of women belonged to the largest sect nearest to the seal, the Immortal Form Sect.

Their fame was even greater than that of the Sacred Poison Sects. A majority of its disciples were women. But most of its fame came from the resounding, sinister power of its unblockable curses. It is said that they were capable of killing someone thousands of kilometers away.

There would often be news of the death of someone who offended their sect, no matter how far they fled. This inspired fear in the cultivation world and none dared to rashly offend them.

One of their famous figures was Lady Mu, who was said to have killed three s

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