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“Stop the assault,” Han Li shouted at the black-robed woman, “Your wind flood dragons have shrunk significantly.”

In truth, she didn’t need the warning, having already felt that something was amiss. When she heard Han Li, she had immediately formed an incantation gesture in alarm. The wind dragons ceased releasing blades of wind and shot away from the vicinity.

As the dragons coiled in the air, it was clear to see that their size was reduced by nearly half.

The balls of light had been repeatedly split by the blades of wind but condensed back together in the instant the winds dragons left.

The huge ball now had also reached a hundred meters wide, nearly taking up a third of the space inside the spell formation.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend reappeared in the ball of light with a cold laugh and sneered.

Han Li sighed, having saw this in the past when he fought against Wen Tianren, Archsaint Six Path’s disciple, back in the Scattered Star Seas. At the time, he had used a peculiar treasure to warp himself in a purple cloud, preventing Han Li from injuring him with his flying swords. Han Li had relied on the overbearing might of the Yin Devil Execution to break through it and destroy Wen Tianren’s arm.

The ability that the Silver-winged Nightfiend was using was the same in nature but clearly far more powerful.

Though Han Li had busied himself with cultivation ever since and didn’t have the time to condense another Yin Devil Execution, he did have other techniques that could produce similar tyrannical power.

It was a pity that his Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were unable to form the Aureate Sword Formation, else the Silver-winged Nightfiend would be dead for certain, no matter how bizarre the technique.

Having thought this, a plan came to mind.

He took a deep breath and slapped his storage pouch, summoning a scarlet talisman into his grasp. Flame-like characters flickered on its surface along with the image of a life-like flood dragon.

This was a Spirit Subjugation Talisman that Han Li had refined with the Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon’s soul after he was done creating the Triflame Fan, and the reason why Han Li was late in his meeting with the others at the entrance of Myriad Poison Valley.

Because he had experience in refining the talisman once before, it was now far stronger and could produce even more power.

He slapped it onto his body and the talisman entered his body, followed by the appearance of an illusory flood dragon above him.

Glowing in red light, horns grew from his head and scarlet scales emerged all over him. In only a moment, he assumed a half transformation of the flood dragon and his magic power had risen to the peak of mid-Nascent Soul stage.

“Fellow Daoist Han!”


Upon seeing this transformation, both the black-robed woman and the nightfiend couldn’t help but shout out in shock.

When the nightfiend in particular sensed Han Li’s rapid rise in cultivation, his

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