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Han Li took a deep look down the cliff and said, “It’s no matter. Regardless of how powerful that being may be, it should’ve been immensely weakened after being suppressed for so many years. Furthermore, there should’ve been many late-Nascent Soul cultivators to deal with it.”

Soon after, he beckoned to Gui Ling and the two slowly floated down.

The darkness was unfathomably deep. After floating down for a quarter hour, they still hadn’t reached the bottom.

Han Li felt both sullen and bewildered.

At this depth, his surroundings had already become shadowed and dark, and his vision was limited.

He raised his head and could only faintly see a white dot shining far away.

Under the present restrictions limiting one’s spiritual sense, a common cultivator would only be able to sense movement within a hundred meters.

But Han Li had the Brightsight Spirit Eyes, allowing him to clearly see a kilometer around him.

As they continued to drop, Gui Ling suddenly shouted, “Fellow Daoist Han, below us!”

Stirred by her words, he looked down.

Specks of light glowed not far below them and they could see the faint outline of a huge building.

His expression stirred and he moved to get a closer look when saw something flash from the corner of his eye. A crimson light was silently sweeping towards him from the darkness.

He was suddenly barraged by a bloody scent assailing his nose which filled him with absolute disgust.

‘Master Scatterwind!’ Han Li’s heart trembled.

The crimson light was as fast as lightning, arriving before him in the blink of an eye. If it weren’t for his continued vigilance, he feared that he would’ve been too slow to act.

He quickly raised his hand and summoned a sparkling small silver disk: the Tailstar Essence Shield.

It violently surged in size and a sheen of white light emerged from it to cover Han Li.

Before an eye could even blink, crimson light cascaded around him, leaving him completely surrounded.

Hiss.A three-meter-long saber suddenly emerged from the light and struck the silver barrier.

The saber appeared peculiar as it was as narrow as two fingers and as thin as paper, not to mention the demonic crimson glow on its surface.

The barrier swayed from the strike before shattering into tiny fragments. The saber moved on to directly strike at the Tailstar Essence Shield.

The shield brilliantly flashed and its surface turned sleek as a mirror. Crimson and silver intertwined, finding them at a deadlock for the time being.

Just as the tension in his heart eased, the blood saber suddenly warped and twisted around the shield with an unbelievable flexibility.

Seeing that the saber had snaked around to strike him, he shot backward and flicked his fingers, releasing azure swordstreaks to repel it.

Clangs of metal sounded out as the saber incisively slid through all of them in a single blow and continued towards Han Li without the slightest obstruction.

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