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When Old Devil Qian saw Han Li arrive before him, his heart trembled and the Blood Devil Pearl came to an immediate stop.

Then, the silver silhouette behind the pearl began to take action. It raised a small bow in its hand and drew back a nonexistent bowstring to release a dense barrage of red arrows.

Right after, Han Li flashed a grin at the old devil and the Triflame Fan he held lit up. With the roar of a phoenix, the fan released a bird of flame towards the pearl.

Soon, Old Devil Qian found himself between the hammer and the anvil.

He was greatly troubled, having seen the might of the Triflame Fan once before. But despite knowing he couldn't afford to block the attack, the barrage from behind him was already incredibly powerful. After all, he was wounded by him at.

Helpless, his Blood Devil Pearl let out a piercing shriek and shot backwards. Crimson light surged from the pearl, followed by a manifestation of a grey face, and with it, a cloud of deep black Qi suddenly shot out.

In the violent gust of wind, a meter tall banner sparkling with green light stood tall amongst the inky-black Qi: The Ghost Sifting Banner.

Han Li instantly recognized the item. Apart from the density of devilish Qi, the banner was almost identical to the one he had obtained.

The banner then unfolded itself in front of the pearl.

Yin winds began to erupt nearby, filling the air with a black fog. Malformed ghosts heads emerged from them and spat wisps of flame at the approaching arrows.

As they pierced into the Yin Qi, an eruption sounded out from within.

With the given opportunity, Old Devil Qian concealed the Blood Devil Pearl with the banner’s power and the two treasures flew off.

But when he glanced back around, he saw that the phoenix was closely following after him.

The old devil’s heart trembled at the sight, but he soon steeled his resolve.

The banner released a bright green light and created a black hole on top of it.

Pitch-black Yin Qi began to rush out and an inch-large ghost shot out from inside. It surged in size as soon as it appeared, capping out at three meters tall and holding a fearsome bearing.

This ghost fiend was fully covered in glossy black armor and wielded a double sided trident, making for an impressive display.

The ghost seemed to have been under the restriction of the banner for some time. As soon as it manifested, it excitedly shrieked before it even registered its surroundings. But as soon as it did, it immediately became mute.

In its alarm, the ghost fiend quickly spat out a fog of pitch-black Yin Qi in front of it and flusteredly waved its trident in front of the phoenix to block it.

Although it couldn't compare to the likes of Old Devil Qian or Han Li, it was no less powerful than an ordinary early-Nascent Soul cultivator. But after being confined in the banner for several hundred years, it was met with an attack of such fearsome power during a moment of careless

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